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UKC Carolina Classic (04/07/2017) / Saturday Conformation Show 1

April 8, 2017

Location: Hickory, North Carolina

Best in Show
Golden Retriever, Sharpshooting Golden Rifleman, Owned by Amy Gates

Reserve Best in Show
Poodle (Miniature), GRCH Paean Sterling Silversmith, Owned by Linda Smith

Altered Best in Show
English Springer Spaniel, Janson’s High Flying Aviator, Owned by Suzanne Benton

Altered Reserve Best in Show
Australian Shepherd, Everready Intoxicating Story, Owned by Ellen Nein

Best Junior Handler
Emma Harris, Novice Senior

Guardian Group Placements
1st Doberman Pinscher, Coruscate’s Feel The Warm Thrill, Owned by Emily Landrum
2nd Rottweiler, Redyre Just Made It, Owned by Rebekah James
3rd Boxer, Avalon’s Zodiac, Owned by Margaret Rogers & Mandy Lockard
4th Newfoundland, Bydand’s Prince Thaddeus, Owned by Richard Czerw, Carol Czerw & Michelle Gordon

Scenthound Group Placements
1st Redbone Coonhound, ‘PR’ Carolina Muddy River Penny, Owned by Ginger Smith
2nd Beagle, Lane Rae’s Hit The Lights, Owned by Kristin Block
3rd Plott, GRCH ‘PR’ Suncrest Messin With Sasquatch, Don Church & Becky Church
4th Bavarian Mountain Hound, Oakhill’s Mon Belator Cherry, Owned by Cynthia Drake

Sighthound Group Placements
1st Silken Windhound, Morgandell Music From The Heart, Owned by Kathie Treacy
2nd Irish Wolfhound, Summerhill Dear Pru, Owned by Bambi Babe
3rd Whippet, CH Kindred’s Pretty Woman, Owned by Maryann Barrett
4th Rhodesian Ridgeback, GRCH Lionhounds Mkubwa Masikio, Russell Rowsey

Gun Dog Group Placements
1st Golden Retriever, Sharpshooting Golden Rifleman, Owned by Amy Gates
2nd Standard Poodle, 1FC A Storm Over the Ocean, Owned by Ray & Kristy Jones
3rd Bracco Italiano, Feel Of Pride Giozetta Milada, Owned by Jennifer Caban
4th Labrador Retriever, Riverwoods Rocky Top, Elizabeth Rayland

Northern Group Placements
1st Siberian Husky, BlackIce’s Dirty Denim, Owned by Jennifer Williams

Herding Group Placements
1st Pembroke Welsh Corgi, RO2 CH CA Little Sherman Tank, Owned by Meghan Rice
2nd Bouvier des Flandres, G & W Avalons Ace’s Guardian of Hugo, Owned by June Guido
3rd Australian Shepherd, Goldstar Finish What We Started, Owned by Lynda Shackleford
4th Shetland Sheepdog, Karefree Ilkota Miamosa, Owned by Joan Shields

Terrier Group Placements
1st Rat Terrier, ‘PR’ Bur-way Rising Tide, Owned by Lesa Barnett
2nd American Pit Bull Terrier, ‘PR’ Se7ens Welcome to Your Nightmare, Owned by Elissa Bradford
3rd Jack Russell Terrier, Private Stack Tuga Bear, Owned by Tyler & Sheila Crane
4th Teddy Roosevelt Terrier, CH Barnett’s Lil Daredvl @ TMT NBT

Companion Group Placements
1st Poodle (Miniature), GRCH Paean Sterling Silversmith, Owned by Linda Smith
2nd Boston Terrier, Double D’s Rise Up-N-Shine, Owned by James & Elaine Disosway
3rd Papillon, CH Goldenleafs Alex, Owned by Joy Carpenter
4th Chinese Crested, LyricTwn Nina Pretty Ballerina, Owned by Rhapsody Rhodes

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