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UKC Announces X-Bred Feist Program

August 23, 2017

Source: Krystal Lear, UKC
Department: Hunting Department
Phone: 269.343.9020

UKC is excited to announce the introduction of the Feist X-Bred Program! The purpose of this program is to allow participation of Feists that are clearly cross bred, to allow single registration of Feists with unknown origin, to increase the health, longevity, and performance of our stock, and also to give our customers a more accurate and honest avenue for registering their Feists.

The letter "X" is a standard symbol for a known cross, but can also stand for the unknown. That being said, the term "X-Bred" very accurately describes this category of dogs.

For a dog to fall into the X-bred Feist category, the dog must meet certain requirements. A dog, or litter, that is the product of a Mountain Feist and Treeing Feist cross would fall into the X-Bred Feist category. A dog, or litter, that is the product of two X-Bred Feists would also fall into the X-Bred Feist category. This category is also a home for Feists with disqualifications pertaining to color, and dogs that come from unknown lineage.

X-Bred Feists are eligible for litter registration and are also eligible to participate in UKC Feist Squirrel hunts. However, X-Bred Feists are NOT eligible to participate in UKC Feist Bench Shows. X-Bred Feists will be eligible to apply for acceptance and entry to purebred status after achieving 80% purebred co-efficiency.

For more information please refer to the Feist Single Registration Application or call our office at 269.343.9020.

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