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UKC World Championship Frequently Asked Questions; Other Coonhound News

Coonhound Advisor

September 13, 2018

Source: Allen Gingerich

As published in the Septeber issue of Coonhound Bloodlines.

Posting Pictures of Scorecard / Beware

In todays world we see a lot of folks posting photos of scorecards on Facebook and other internet sites. Nothing wrong with that, if thats what you want to do. However, there are a couple things we should always consider before doing so.

1) Most that do this dont think twice about the personal information they are putting out there for the whole world to see. Most specifically, personal addresses and phone numbers on the scorecards.
Most hunters may not care, but the fact is there are some folks who are greatly concerned and aggravated by this. Many of those with careers in the public field will agree and appreciate this topic being addressed. Some simply dont want their personal phone numbers out there for all to capture. Unless you work in a public environment, you may think this is trivial. The fact is; some folks personal information and privacy is far more important to them then we may realize. We need to be considerate of that and its the reason for addressing this matter.

This does not mean you cant post pictures of scorecards. All we ask is when you do, consider the personal information you are putting out there. Consider that it goes beyond phone numbers and addresses. For instance, do you care to have the whole world see that your dog was scratched for fighting on this cast? Maybe. Maybe not. If you do post a picture of your scorecard, you may consider blocking out certain information as it relates to others noted on the scorecard.

2) The second item has to do with UKCs strict policy of keeping scores confidential until the return deadline or until all casts have returned. Lets say you have just finished your cast, and you are proud of your dogs performance, so you take a picture of the completed scorecard. Nothing wrong with that, but as soon as you get back in the truck you post that picture on Facebook. Are you guilty of violating any written rule? The fact is, you might be.

UKCs Cell Phone Policy is found in the Coonhound Rulebook and is also noted on the back of the scorecard under Section 16 (f). This is stated under the Misconduct Section, which states, {Relaying any type of electronic messaging with reference to scores, that is deemed detrimental to the hunt.}

So now youve posted the picture of your scorecard, and another cast in the same hunt is still out hunting. In between drops, one handler pulls out his cell phone and sees the picture of your scorecard and your final scores. Could this influence the scoring of the rest of their hunt? It shouldnt, but depending on the integrity of those involved, it could. The point is, if it were to become an issue and it is determined that your posted photo showing scores might have played a detrimental part in the hunt, you may just have subjected yourself to, not only a rule violation, but also suspension.

UKC World Championship Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions as it relates to the upcoming World Championship.

Deadlines Only those dogs that qualified via a Regional Qualifying Event (RQE) and were entered by the advanced deadline of September 1, 2018 are eligible to hunt in the World Championship. The deadline to confirm an entry at all zone locations is 5 p.m. local time on both Friday and Saturday nights. The deadline to return scorecards will be determined and announced at the event.

Confirming Your Entry Your entry must be confirmed, at the event location, on both Friday and Saturday night prior to the posted deadline. The owner or handler must present the dogs Easy Entry Card or Registration Certificate to confirm their entry. If the owner/handler is not in receipt of the required form of entry (Easy Entry Card or Registration Certificate), they may confirm their entry as Conditional, with a $5 fee. It is not necessary to present your Confirmation Form to the entry-takers at the event. Note: The UKC Field Rep (Master of Hounds) will not take personal phone calls to confirm an entry as Conditional for a handler who may be running late. The entry would need to be confirmed by someone else and the handler must be present when their cast is called out or the dog will be scratched.

Females in Season Another dog that is qualified and registered to the same owner may be substituted for a female that comes in season. Otherwise, the owner must notify UKC prior to the event date in order to be eligible for a refund. A female that comes in season on the Friday of the event must be inspected, confirmed, and noted as such by the Master of Hounds. This must be done prior to casts going to the woods on Friday night in order for a refund to be issued.

Veterans Casts There will not be any Veterans Casts at any Zone events.

Spectators Spectators are not allowed on any cast at the Zones.

Back-up Handlers Each handler is allowed to have one back-up handler. The handler shall advise the entry taker who their back-up handler is and should be noted on the scorecard. If the back-up handler has not been noted, the judge should simply write their name on the scorecard at the start of the hunt. A back-up handler may not become involved in any part of scoring procedures. They will not have a voice in voting procedures. A back-up handler is not required to go to the woods, he or she may stay at the vehicle. Allowing back-up handlers to shine trees is a decision made by the cast at the beginning of the hunt per Rule 10 (b).

Judges Only qualified Hunting Judges are to be used. All judges will be pre-selected and approved by the event official. The Hunting Judge must be at least 18 years of age and possess the experience, knowledge and integrity to perform the duties required. The event official will, at their discretion, have the authority to assign a non-hunting judge to any cast deemed necessary.

Posting Zone Scores Friday night scores will be posted at the event and on the UKC website. Saturday night scores will not be posted at the event or on the UKC website until all casts have returned or the deadline to return scorecards has expired.

Appeals The Appeal procedure is not in affect for any part of a zone event. The UKC Field Reps (MOH) decision will be final in all situations. The Master of Hounds may, at their discretion, contact UKCs Senior Director of Field Operations to discuss the situation prior to rendering a decision. The Master of Hounds is not required to contact UKC per a handlers request in the event the Field Rep deems it unnecessary.

Placements All dogs must hunt two hours on both Friday and Saturday night to be considered for placement in the event. If a dog is scratched, withdrawn for any reason, or minuses out on Friday night it will not be eligible to hunt on Saturday night. If a dog is withdrawn or scratches on Saturday night, the dog would not be eligible for placement or advance to the Finals. The number of dogs advancing from each zone will be based on a percentage of the total number of entries overall. The number advancing from each zone will be announced prior to the calling of casts at each zone by the Master of Hounds. Any two-night Cast Winners will place in accordance to combined highest scores followed by single cast win high scores.

Championship Points/Wins Awarded Any Nite Champion dogs advancing to the Finals will receive a Nite Champion win. Any Registered dog placing 1st-6th and advancing to the Finals will be awarded a First Place win and 40 Championship points. Any Registered dogs placing 7th or beyond and advancing to the Finals will be awarded a 3rd Place win and 30 Championship points. Any cast winners not advancing to the Finals will not receive any Championship points or wins.

Awards at the Zones All Zone Placement Awards and giveaways will be presented to the owner or handler on Thursday at the World Championship Finals when they confirm their entry. The deadline to confirm an entry at the Finals is 5 p.m. local time on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at the Morrow County Fairgrounds in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. Handler shall have dog in hand when they confirm the entry at the Finals.

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