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Nosework Rules Clarifications for 2020

Effective January 1, 2020

August 9, 2019

Email: performance@ukcdogs.com

We are pleased that our exhibitors have gone through the 2020 revisions to the UKC Nosework Program and have asked for clarifications to the new Master Handler class that will go into effect on January 1, 2020.

Read the 2020 UKC Nosework Rulebook (PDF)

The following clarifications to the judging procedure for the Master Handler Class is outlined below in bold italic and is as follows:

Page 39

  • The dog must indicate it has found the handlers item by either doing a sit or down at the item before the handler may call an alert. The dog must remain at the indicated box for a minimum of five (5) seconds. Should the dog change positions from a sit to a down or a down to a sit, the judge shall assess a fault and will restart the count with the dog in the new position. Upon completing the count, the judge will command the handler to recall his dog. The handler may reward the dog upon its return at the handlers station. When food rewards are used, any food or crumbs that fall to the floor/ground will be assessed a fault for each occurrence.

Running Time and Scoring. Time allowed for the search is four minutes. Timing stops when the handler calls alert. The dog shall then remain at the correct box in a sit or down position for five consecutive seconds. The judge's count shall start once the handler calls alert and the dog is in the correct position. If the dog breaks position, the count will stop and start over again when the dog is back in one of the correct positions. The dog is allowed 1 change of position before receiving a non-qualifying score.

Placements are based upon the fastest running time and are awarded first to dogs with no faults followed by any dog with one fault. Dogs that have been assessed more than one fault are ineligible for placements or awards. Each leg is based on a pass or fail basis. A pass is considered correctly calling the alert when the dog finds the handlers item, the dog exhibiting either a sit or a down and staying with the handlers item in the sit or down position for 5 seconds, promptly returning to the handler when called and having no more than one assessed fault.

The following clarifications to the scoring of the Master Handler Class is outlined below in bold italic and is as follows:

Page 40
The following is being removed as a fault and shall be scored as a non-qualifying action.

  • If the dog sits or downs at an incorrect box, the handler may give another command to search but the dog will be assessed a fault for alerting on an incorrect box.

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