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UKC Elite Shed Dog Series: Season 3 Changes, New Titles Summary

More Opportunities & Increased Recognition

August 12, 2019

Source: Todd Kellam
Email: tkellam@ukcdogs.com

When it comes to championship titles for the UKC Elite Shed Dog Series, the goal for season 3 is to provide more opportunity to participants and also increase the recognition level. We received some excellent proposals from participating clubs and reviewed all suggestions carefully. I am happy to report that we have extended opportunity in one area and added two new levels to our title structure.

The Working shed dog class receives an important change which is the opportunity for dogs to earn multipliers of the WSD degree. Some dogs and/or handlers are simply not ready to advance to the Champion class for differing reasons. Multipliers of the WSD title gives handlers something to shoot for as they enjoy running dogs in this class. For each additional 5 passes going forward dogs may earn a multiple of the WSD title.

The road to CHSD is one portion of the previous title structure that does not change. The points structure does not change nor does the point total requirement. There is no multiplier of the CHSD title. We chose to address increased opportunity in this class by offering a completely new title.

New this year is the addition of the Grand Champion Shed Dog degree. The GRCHSD prefix will be awarded to those dogs who earn 300 Championship point in Champion class competition before actually earning their Elite title. Lets face it, there are a lot of good dogs out there who are very capable shed finders that may never earn an Elite title. Giving them another goal to go after is a great opportunity for shed dog owners who enjoy the events. The multiplier policy will also be in effect for the GRCHSD title.

The Elite Shed Dog title requirements do not receive any changes. How can you improve upon the ultimate title in the sport of shed dogs?

Also new this year is the addition of an honorary Hall Of Fame distinction. An ESDS HOF suffix will appear after the dog's name for those dogs who have earned the ESD title and have also accumulated 1,000 championship points. We are offering this distinction for several UKC programs now and it has been very well received. We are proud to bring it to the sport of shed dogs and look forward to honoring our first recipient.

Stay tuned for our final installment of changes for season 3.

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