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Season 3 Rule Changes: Running Rules

August 19, 2019

Source: Todd Kellam
Email: tkellam@ukcdogs.com

This will be the third and final installment of our season 3 changes to the Elite Shed Dog Series program. Changes to the actual running rules have been summarized below. We received a lot of good proposals, some of which resulted in change and some of which did not. Some of the proposals that did not result in a rule change I believe will still be beneficial as topics for future articles relating to the program.

All changes will go into effect September 1, 2019.

Host / Club Section
Rule 11 receives an extra sentence that clarifies, "Once the running order has been set it shall not be changed other than moving dogs who are tardy at the line back 3 places in the running order."

Course Description Section
This sentence, formerly Rule A, has been deleted, "Courses must be pre-approved by the Elite Shed Dog Series Advisory Committee."

Rule E receives a clarification regarding partially covered antlers, "As many as 3 (three) sheds may be partially covered (not more than half) with grass, leaves, snow or a naturally occurring water source for the Champion class only."

The option of using mule deer antlers is added to rule F as follow, Antler sheds may range in size from those carried by average to large whitetail deer or mule deer but may not consist of spikes.

Rule G receives a clarification regarding scent application, "Scent must be applied in 1 to 2 inch strips to the antler base, one tine and midway along the beam. Scent must be re-applied every 3 or 4 dogs."

Rule I is added to clarify proximity of shed planters to the course, "Shed planters who are stationed near a course may be seated no closer than 20 yards from a course boundary and should make every effort to remain concealed by using a blind or sitting behind trees or brush."

A new Rule J clarifies the procedure for planting antlers, "Clubs and/or Judges have the option to toss or hand-place sheds while planting courses. A tossed antler must be visually verified to be a consistent and retrievable plant. A hand-placed antler must be consistently tines up or tines down for each specific plant. Whichever procedure is used for a specific plant it must remain the same for each dog in the class.

General Event Information Section
Rule 4 receives additional wording giving clubs the option to allow viewing of courses, "...However, event host has the option of allowing handlers a course viewing time the evening before or morning of an event. No handlers may view courses after handlers meeting."

Running Rules That Apply To All Classes Section
The steadiness requirement for all classes is removed from Rule 1, "Dogs may remain on leash until released."
A recommendation is added and becomes rule 2, "It is recommended that time be recorded to the nearest 100th of a second if time keeping device allows."

What was previously Rule 12 becomes Rule 13 with a clarification that no longer restricts mentors who wish to video youth runs, Cell Phones and GPS devices may not be used by handlers on the course."

Running Rules Specific To Working Shed Hunter and Youth Class
The previous rule 3 is removed because it is no longer necessary and replaced with, "The Youth Class plant will be the same for all youth regardless of the number of times a dog has been on the course."

A new Rule 6 clarifies when to stop the clock for Working and Youth Class, "The clock shall be stopped when handler has final shed in hand."

A new Rule 7 gives clubs an option for setting youth courses only, "Event host has the option for Youth Class only to use mid-course flagging or cones to help youth handlers understand the six zone concept."

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