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Cost: 30 cents per word ($5 minimum cost).
Street number, phone number and 'PR' count as one word each. One breed per ad.

Contact person (name or company) WILL appear in ad. Only advertisements for UKC-registered purebred dogs (or those eligible for registration) will be accepted. Including dog's registration number(s) can ensure titles and proper registered names being printed. We will run the ad exactly as entered, save for spelling corrections.

You will be working with an ad coordinator. Once they receive your ad, they will contact you letting you know it has been received. If they have any questions they will be sure to let you know.

Our ad coordinator can be reached at our main number, (269) 343-9020, in the magazine department, ads@ukcdogs.com


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Before pressing “Submit,” double check the previous information to make sure it is accurate. If you do not include a valid email address, confirmation cannot be sent. UKC accepts all advertisements placed in our magazines or on the internet in good faith.

An email confirming receipt of your order will be sent as soon as possible after your information is submitted. The Publications Department will contact you if any questions arise with your advertisement.