Schedule A UKC Licensed Hunt Test

You may schedule a licensed hunt test for your club by filling out the template below and submitting it to the website. Before doing so, please review the policies for scheduling Hunt Tests.

Licensing Requirements:

1. Hunt Tests are only available to UKC approved clubs.
2. Hunt Tests may only be held at established club event and meeting sites.
3. Hunt Tests do not count against the number of licensed events that a club may hold.
4. Hunt Tests may be conducted on any night of the week except Sunday.
5. There is no mileage conflict between clubs that wish to hold Hunt Tests on the same night.
6. Hunt Test date and location (with directions) must be listed in the Hunt Test Schedule on the UKC website at www.ukcdogs.com no less than 30 days prior to the Hunt Test.


7. There is no license fee to the club to conduct a Hunt Test. The club must pay a recording fee of $3 per dog tested regardless of whether the dog passes or fails.


8. Hunt Test Evaluation Forms and Hunt Test Report Forms may be downloaded free of charge here. Forms are available for a minimal fee by contacting United Kennel Club.

9. All completed hunt test forms must be kept on file by the host club for a period of one year. Both pass and fail forms must be kept on file. Hunt Test Report Forms must be filled out by the host club and sent to UKC with recording fees within 10 days.

Hunt Test Scheduling Template
(all boxes must be completed)

Event Date (mm/dd/yyyy): / /
Club Name:
Time of Event:
Entry Fee:

Abbreviated set of directions to the event:

Contact Person:


Before pressing "submit," double check the previous information to make sure it is accurate. If you do not include an email address, confirmation cannot be sent after receipt of order.