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Above: UKC offers a wide variety of events for your dog. Learn more about us by playing the video above, or by browsing our site.

Recent Videos

10/13/2015: Video highlights from the 2015 Coonhound World Championship in Flora, Illinois.... View.

10/05/2015: Video highlights from the 2015 Don Sr McVay Memorial in West Lafayette, Ohio.... View.

09/22/2015: Video highlights from the 2015 Autumn Oaks in Richmond, Indiana.... View.

09/15/2015: Video highlights from the 2015 Grand Masters Invitational held during the week of Autumn Oaks.... View.


2015 National American Pit Bull Terrier Association Show

Posted under Dog Events.

10/13/2015: American Pit Bull Terrier Nationals Judges: Paul Bruneau, Tim Parr & Carrianna Glenn October 3, 2015...

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2015 Coonhound World Championship

Posted under Coonhounds.

10/13/2015: Video highlights from the 2015 Coonhound World Championship in Flora, Illinois...

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Who’s The Handler?

Posted under The Coonhound Advisor.

10/12/2015: When you get three phone calls a day on the same subject, from different parts of the country, it’s a good indication that an interpretation for the rule in question should be answered for everyone’s...

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Hunting Beagle Final Cast Play-By-Play With Candids

Posted under Beagles.

10/12/2015: Final Cast Play-By-Play Reported by Vicki Bassitt *Good morning, its 51 degrees, a cool and cloudy morning. Still damp from all the rain. A perfect morning to crown a new World Champion! We are...

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Hunting Beagle World Final Cast Interview

Posted under Beagles.

10/12/2015: The 2015 Beagle World Championship Final Cast Interview Conducted by Roy Swafford, Master of Hounds Roy Swafford: I’d like to bring up Calvin Mings and Mark Rockwell, the two handlers of the dogs in...

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