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SETWA Days Bench Show Friday Results

02/27/2015: 2015 Southeastern Treeing Walker Days Friday Bench Show Results February 27th BSJ: Curtis Sparks Entries: 61 Overall Grand Champion Male- GRCH ‘PR’ Kentucky River Willie In Town, owned and handled by...

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2015 Allen Shoe Memorial Hunt Results

02/27/2015: 2015 Allen Shoe Memorial Hunt Results February 26th MOH: David Gardin Entries: 75 Overall Allen Shoe Memorial Hunt Champion - 'PR' DW's Nocturnal Rebel, 650+, owned by Dillion Duckworth, William...

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Above: Video highlights from the 2015 Winter Classic in Batesville, Mississippi.

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The Coonhound Advisor
with Allen Gingerich

Q & A (02/16/2015): Declared Treed on Previously Scored Tree and Left Q: Dogs A, B, C, and D were all struck and declared treed. When the cast arrived, Dog B was the only dog at the tree, and the other three dogs had left it. It was then determined that this was the same tree we had scored earlier....

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Tailgate Talk
with Corey Gruver

Focusing on the pleasure of hunting tree dogs by recognizing confidence and ability.

How to Schedule a UKC Hunt Test (02/16/2015): This month, we will be discussing how to schedule a UKC Hunt Test on the UKC website.

The UKC Hunt Test Program is one that was designed to be as simple as possible. In a world so technologically advanced and sophisticated, it only made sense to make scheduling an HTX event...

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Editor's Comments
with Vicki Rand

Coonhound Club of the Month Column (02/16/2015): Vicki Rand, Editor

Over several years, I have attempted to feature a Coonhound Club of the Month in COONHOUND BLOODLINES, featuring well-deserving clubs that have shown success in hosting major events as well as clubs who have performed well at the local level. To be honest,...

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Recent Videos

01/13/2015: Video highlights from the 2015 Grand American in Orangeburg, South Carolina.... View.

09/23/2014: Video highlights from the 2014 Coonhound World Championship Finals in Montpelier, Ohio.... View.

09/04/2014: Video highlights from the 2014 Autumn Oaks in Richmond, Indiana.... View.

Recent News

2015 NRCA Southern Redbone Days

02/18/2015: This weekend, the Eno River Coonhunters Association (located in Cedar Grove, NC) will play host yet again to the National Redbone Coonhound Association and their 18th Annual Southern National Redbone...

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2015 Purina National Championship

02/18/2015: The 2015 Purina National Championship is right around the corner! Accompanied by this advertisement is a complete listing of all eligible coonhound participants, owners should be aware that...

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United Kennel Club Announces Changes for Youth Nationals

02/11/2015: Now entering its 15th year, the UKC Youth National Championship is considered as the granddaddy event of the year for many coonhound youth. It’s a “World Hunt type event” for kids only, if you will...

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2015 Winter Classic

02/10/2015: Video highlights from the 2015 Winter Classic in Batesville, Mississippi...

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