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Purina National Championship Nite Hunt Winners

05/01/2016: Final Four - From left to right: Bobby McBride with Sugar - (1st), David Roughton with Otis (2nd), Lance Hack with Spookey (4th), and Jacob Barton with Swamp Hog (3rd). 2016 Purina National...

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Purina National Championship Bench Show Results

04/30/2016: 2016 Purina Nationals Bench Show Results Marion County Fairgrounds Salem, IL 2016 Purina National Championship Overall Bench Show Champion - CH ‘PR’ All American Dream Girl Owned by Gary Franks and...

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Above: Video highlights from 2016 Winter Classic in Batesville, Mississippi.

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The Coonhound Advisor
with Allen Gingerich

Coonhound Advisor (02/15/2016): Coonhound Advisor Allen Gingerich Non-Hunting Judge Calling Time Out for Dog Not Struck Based on Telemetry Q: This question pertains to a three-dog cast with a non-hunting judge. Dogs A and B are declared struck and opening on trail to our left. Dog C is moving to the right,...

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Tailgate Talk
with Corey Gruver

Focusing on the pleasure of hunting tree dogs by recognizing confidence and ability.

Tailgate Talk (02/15/2016): Tailgate Talk Corey Gruver This month, we will be looking more in depth as to the true meaning of an HTX title. Titles are an ultimate goal for many breeders and handlers in today’s world. For a lot of us, titles are important in possibly determining the worth and ability of a...

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Editor's Comments
with Vicki Rand

Coonhound Breeds Standards Revision (12/14/2015): Vicki Rand, Editor The following Disqualification has been added to all seven of the Coonhound breed standards, to be effective January 1, 2016: “Any color or combination of colors other than described.” The problem of non-breed typical colors in the coonhound breeds has been an...

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Recent Videos

02/02/2016: Video highlights from 2016 Grand American in Orangeburg, South Carolina.... View.

10/13/2015: Video highlights from the 2015 Coonhound World Championship in Flora, Illinois.... View.

09/22/2015: Video highlights from the 2015 Autumn Oaks in Richmond, Indiana.... View.

Recent News

2016 Purina National Championship Cast Breakdowns

04/29/2016: ...

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Wentworth, Missouri Super Slam

04/27/2016: Wentworth, Missouri Super Slam Hosted by Dry Valley Coonhunters April 23, 2016 Final Cast GR NITE CH 'PR' Splitters Magic Otis, B&T, left (GR NITE CH 'PR' Roughtons Black Splitter x GR NITE CH 'PR'...

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Ripley, West Virginia Super Slam

04/26/2016: Ripley, West Virginia Super Slam Hosted by Jackson County CHA April 23, 2016 Final Cast NITE CH 'PR' K&B's Little Mountain Mabel, TW, left (GR NITE CH 'PR' Mountain Moby x GR NITE CH 'PR' Little Miss...

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Kansas Federation of Houndsmen State Championship

04/26/2016: Kansas Federation of Houndsmen State Championship Hosted by Stranger Creek Coonhunters Association April 8 & 9, 2016 Easton, Kansas Purina Points Event Overall Nite Hunt State Champion/Double Cast...

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