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Notice Of Suspension

UKC makes every attempt to maintain an accurate and up to date “Notice of Suspension” list, and the list is updated regularly. However, as there may be lag time between disciplinary action and adding an individual to the list, and also because mistakes and omissions can and do happen, UKC will not guarantee the accuracy of this list. If an individual is in question, customers should call UKC directly to obtain the most up to date information regarding that individual’s disciplinary status. UKC can only confirm or deny a person’s disciplinary status and cannot provide details on that person’s case.

Following is an updated list of individuals who have been suspended or barred until the date indicated. During the period of suspension or barring, a person who is suspended or barred is prohibited from the following:

1. Registering any dogs in their name (joint or individual ownership). Any dogs currently registered in their name (joint or individual ownership) may be transferred, except that no dog registered in their name, regardless of co-ownership status, may be transferred to any member of their family, spouse, or companion. Companion is defined as anyone who resides at the same address as the suspended individual.

2. Registering any litters and signing any litter registrations in any capacity. No dog registered in their name (joint or individual ownership) may be used for breeding and no offspring of such a dog is eligible for registration with UKC.

3. Entering or participating in any way in any UKC Licensed event, including, but not limited to: co-owner, handler, back-up handler, judge, guide, vendor, spectator, Master of Hounds, Bench Show Judge, Judge or Director for any Conformation, Performance, or Companion event, and are prohibited from holding office in any UKC approved club or association.

4. No dog registered in their name (joint or individual ownership) may be entered or participate in any way in any UKC Licensed event.

5. Receiving any championship points or any wins toward a title for any dog registered in their name (joint or individual ownership).

6. Advertising in any UKC publication or UKC internet site.

7. Receiving monetary payouts from any UKC specialty program, such as the Performance Rewards Program..

Any violation of these sanctions or any other UKC rule or policy during the time period in which the individual is barred or suspended will result in their being suspended indefinitely.
Rev. 6/15

Suspended/Barred & Notified - LIFE
ADAMS, Justin Austin; Covington LA
BERRIER, Rick; Jefferson OH
BOOTH, Christopher; Rochester IN
BURNETT, Rick; Muncie IN
DAVIS, Halton; Elida OH
DUNLAP, Jerry; Danville WV
FORDING, Gary; Kokomo IN
FORDING, Tim; Kokomo IN
FUENTES, Juan Carlos; Laredo TX
GILES, Larry Paul; Camden MI
GRAY, Billy, Dallas TX
JORDAN, John; Carmichaels PA
KINSEY, Randy; Laramie WY
MARTIN, Lindsey; Griffith IN
MARTIN, Todd; Gary IN
RICE, Chris; Fresno CA
RICHMILLER, John; Bushnell IL
RICHMILLER, Ronnie; Quincy IL
SMITH, William P.; Springfield OH (aka William SMITH; Louisville KY)
WEIMAN, Steve, South Haven MS

Suspended/Barred & Notified - INDEFINITE
ABENGOWE, Damien, Missouri City TX
ABERNATHY, Robbie; Adairsville GA
ADOLPH, Mark; Los Angeles CA
AGUIRE, Syntya; Canoga Park CA
ALLEN, Andrea; Kalamazoo MI
ALLEN, Forrest; Cape Coral FL
ALLEN, Larry; Greencastle IN
ALVARES, Jose, Lynnwood CA
ANDERSON, Bruce; Michigan City IN
ARONHALT, Jim; Rittman OH
ASHLEY, Wesley; Donalds SC
AYALA, Jose; Madera CA
BAKER, Michael Anthony, Gibsonville NC
BANKS, R.E.; College Park GA
BAQUERA, Angel, Arrey NM
BARR, Rebecca; Mentone CA
BASSITT, Jon; Millersburg OH
BAYLOUS, Barry, Salt Rock WV
BEARD, Jeff; Vine Grove KY
BEATTY, Dave; North Bloomfield OH
BECK, Jeffrey; Brantley AL
BELL, Herbert; Highland NY
BELLIS, Donald; Rolling Prairie IN
BENFORD, Kevin; Valparaiso IN
BENTLEY, Johnathan, Chunchula AL
BERNET, Dania, Hollywood FL
BEVIS, Chad; Gaffney SC
BEYER, Ryan, Northport MI
BISHOP, Michael; Montgomery AL
BLACKWELL, Douglas; Sparta KY
BLAKE, Brandon, Apopka FL
BLAND, Luke; Freeburg MO
BLANK, Mary Lou; Allegan MI
BODOLUS, Albe; Milan PA
BOEHME, James E.; Burnettsville IN
BOETTCHER, Clifford; Clark SD
BOLYARD, Rick; Grafton WV
BONIN, Timothy, Silverhilll AL
BOONE, Pat; La Cygne KS
BOTTORFF, Tony; Seymour IN
BOWDEN, Jason; Allardt TN
BRADT, Troy, Concord, NC
BRISTOW, Dale; Oakwood TX
BROCK, Charles; Cincinnati OH
BROWN, L.C.; Monroe OK
BRUJNOWSKI, Larry; Brundidge AL
BRUMFIELD, Thomas; Chesapeake OH
BUENO, Martin, Hollister CA
BURKHEAD, Bruce; Springfield KY
BURLARLEY, Sandra; Wytheville VA
BURLARLEY, Sean; Wytheville VA
BURNETT, Rodney; Memphis TN
BUSTLE, Jacob; Eubank KY
BYRD, Jason; Lone Grove OK
CALIGONE, Ernest, La Marque TX
CARPENTER, Alan; Traverse City MI
CARROLL, Chase; Morristown TN
CASE, Joey; Paris AR
CASERTA, Keith, Mechanicsburg OH
CERDA, Cesar & Mercedes; Galt CA
CHAPKO, Derek; Owosso MI
CHERRY, Jimmy; Cedar Grove TN
CHESTANG, Ronald; Mt. Vernon AL
CHICHESTER, Fabian, Los Angeles CA
CLAYTON, Lenard; Sun City CA
CLOOT, Eileen; Potsdam NY
CLOOT, Miriam; Potsdam NY
CLOUD, Roy, Buda TX
COBB, John; Sadieville KY
COCKMAN, Ricky, Bennett NC
COLBERT, Trent; Trafford PA
COLEGROVE, Mark; Rio Rancho NM
COLIRON, Travis; Portland OR
COLBURN, Rick; Pomeroy OH
CONTRERAS, Edwin; Temple TX
COOK, Ashley; Warner Robins GA
COOK, Brandi N.; Warner Robins GA
COOPER, David; Jamestown SC
COOPER, Travis; Jamestown SC
CORBETT, Jason; Rodman NY
CORNELISON, Randy D.; Seymour MO
COUNTS, Jimmy; Meadowview VA
COVARRUBIAS, Alberto; Ontario CA
COX, Ryan, Creston NC
CREWS, Edrichk; Cape Coral FL
CROSS, Charles, Piney Flats TN
CUMMINGS, Catherine; Kearns UT
CUNNINGHAM, Joe, Rockwood TN
CUNNINGHAM, Robert; Sausier MS
CUTTING, Matt; Masonville NY
DALTON, Marty; Hillsville VA
DANIELLE, Suzanne; Federal Way WA
DEJESUS, Rhajion; Victorville CA
DARTER, Jim; Dover OK
DAVIS, Brian; Rome IN
DEANGELIS, Anthony; Hesperia CA
DEATON, Diana, Creal Springs IL
DEL CID, JC; Los Angeles CA (aka Juan Carlos DELCID)
DELEON, Timothy; Del Valle TX
DELFOSSE, Chris, Compton CA
DELGADO, Gustavo; Canoga Park CA
DENNISON, Rick; Ashland OH
DENNY, Jeffrey; Franklinville NC
DENNY, Sr., Ray; Fenelton PA
DEPALMA, Jeannine, Wilson NY
DEWALT, Howard; Mansfield OH
DOKKEN, Katharine; Marshall VA
DONAHOE, Billy; Brookeland TX
DOUSE, Donnie, Athens LA
DOVER, Marvin; Acworth GA
DRUMMOND, Howard; Divide CO
DUNAWAY, Anthony; Boggstown IN
DUNN, Joey; Asheboro NC
DUNN, William; Snow Camp NC
DYE, Heather; Valley Park MO
EILER, Ed; Pekin IN
ELKINS, Timothy; Columbus OH
ELLIOTT, Nancy; Winston OR
ELLIS, Warren; Philadelphia PA
EPPS, Brock; Morristown TN
ESPOWE, Mike, St. Clair MO
ESSEX, John; Springfield KY
EVANS, Chad, Montrose GA
EVANS, Dorpha; Willow Springs MO
EVANS, Shotonna, Burlington NC
FIRST, Jan Marie; Caldwell TX
FISCHER, Sean; Pooleville MD
FITCH, Janese; Seattle WA
FLETCHER, Dave; Princeton ON CAN
FLOM, Peter; Dennison MN
FOLWY, Tabitha; Highland NY
FONVIELLE, William Clay, Houston TX
FORREST, Ashlee; Wichita KS
FOSTER, Donald D.; Macon MO
FOUST, Charles III, Burlington NC
FRICKO, Kim; Joanna SC
FULMER, Izarel Levis, South Houston TX
GABEHART, Kevin, Campbellville KY
GALLEGO, Ben; Modesto CA
GALVAN, Armando, Los Angeles CA
GAMBREL, Becky; Flat Lick KY
GAMBREL, Hoyt; Flat Lick KY
GAMMONS, Tim; Pinnacle NC
GARCIA, Alex; Riverside CA
GARCIA, Andres Jauregui; Riverside CA
GARCIA, Jose Antonio, Las Vegas NV
GILBERT, Mike; Shelburn IN
GILLIS (THOMPSON), Vickie; Detroit MI
GOMEZ FUENTES, Rafael; Fontana CA
GONZALEZ, Christian; Moreno Valley CA
GONZALEZ, Edwardo; Hawaiian Gardens CA
GONZALEZ, Juan; Riverside CA
GRAHAM, Clint C.; Lebanon OR
GRANT, Kaylan; Fortuna MO
GREGORY, Terry; Randleman NC
GRINDLE, Jason; Gainesville GA
GROSS, Joseph L.; Jackson MI
GUTIERREZ, Aaron; Wapato WA
HALL, Norman; Princeton WV
HALL, Rodney; Brantley AL
HALL, James; Merced CA
HANCOCK, Jason; Crossville TN
HANSON, John; Alma MI
HARPER, Jason; Blairsville GA
HARRIS, Lloyd, Jr.; Morenci MI
HARVEY, Jamar; Compton CA
HASTEN, Melvin; Carville LA
HAY, Jamie, Easton PA
HEADLEE, Edward; Carmichaels PA
HENRY, Ronald; Dallas TX
HERNANDEZ, Adam; Cedar Creek TX
HERNANDEZ, Cindy; Winchester CA
HERNANDEZ, Jorge; Clint TX
HERNANDEZ, Steve; Roswell NM
HESLER, Robert; Batavia OH
HESS, Randy, Dubuque IA
HICKS, Romain, Jr.; Stuart IA
HIGDON, Rose; Battle Creek MI
HIGH, Elvin; Columbia PA
HILL, Jim Dewitt IA
HILL, Shirley; Cape Coral FL
HINES, Barbara; Winnecone WI
HINSHAW, Garrett, McDonough GA
HIXSON, Jean; Valley Head AL
HOBGOOD, Frank; Mebane NC
HOLLIDAY, Terry; Wytheville VA
HOLMAN, Billy; Rocky OK
HOLMES, Rod; Waukee IA
HOTTIMAN, Dirish; Birmingham AL
HOWELL, Justin Lee; Thorsby AL
HUCKS, Bill; Galivants Ferry SC
HUDSON, Olivia; Mission Viejo CA
HUDSON, Toby; Mission Viejo CA
HUGHES, Bryant; Wetumpka AL
HUGHES, Jean; Grantsburg WI
HUSE, Sandra; Houston TX
ISON, Bryan; St. Petersburg FL
JACKSON, Mary; Saint Clair Shores MI
JACKSON, Ross; Madison GA
JENKINS, Buddy; Dobson NC
JOHNS, William, Bartow FL
JOHNSON, Allen Perry; Vero Beach FL
JOHNSON, Lashawnda; Vero Beach FL
JONES, Cory, Midwest City OK
JONES, Jeremy; Eddeyville NE
JONES, Lynn (aka Lori); Brighton CO
JONES, Matt; Cusseta AL
JONES, Otha L., Jr.; Toledo OH
JONES, Shari; Eddeyville NE
JONES, Timmy, Jr.; Modesto CA
KANADY, Warnie; Cisco TX
KAPSA, Linda; Ballantine MT
KEENAN, David; Summerville WV
KEEFOVER, Michael, Francesville IN
KEFFER, Mark; Fresno OH
KELL, Greg; Bucyrus MO
KELLY, Robin; Malvern AR
KELLY, Stephen; Philadelphia PA
KILBURG, Terry; Bellevue IA
KILPATRICK, Amanda; Spokane WA
KING, S.L.; Louisville KY
KOLESNIKOV, Yuriy; Roseville CA
LAGASSE, Todd; Dover OK
LAMB, Gavin; Lafayette TN
LAW, Schuwyler; Wichita KS
LABRECQUE, Sarah Lee; Kelowna, BC CAN
LANDIS, Justin; Logansport IN
LARA, Luis; Bellflower CA
LAUGHLIN, David; Oak Harbor OH
LEE, Bill; Girdler KY
LEE, David; DeWitt VA
LEE, Wayne; Girdler KY
LEONARD, Brad; Cana VA
LEPORIS, Teresa; Palmer TX
LEWIS, Kory; Tulsa OK
LIND, Renee; Tull AR
LO, Meng, Social Circle GA
LOCKLAR, Chris; Trenton SC
LONG, Bradley; Wayne WV
LONG, Denny; Dante VA
LONG, Fred; Batavia IL
LONG, Michael; Lawrenceburg TN
LOUDERMILK, David; Mt. Airy GA
LOWE, Roger; Gonzalez TX
LUCAS, Ivi, Webster FL
LUCERO, Rene (aka Roy Pineda); Denver CO
LUTGRING, Patrick, Tell City IN
LUTTRELL, Gary (Mickey); Lawrenceburg KY
MACEDO, Kandi; Houston TX
MACEDO, Linda; Houston TX
MACK, James (Jimmy); Marquette NE
MACKONIS, Dana B.; Brookline NH
MAHARAJ, Raj; Houston TX
MAKINEN, Dorothy; Cookstown NJ
MANCL, Riley; Wisconsin Rapids WI
MANNON, Mitchell Kirk; Scottown OH
MANZARES, Suzette & Steve; Corona CA
MARCHBANKS, Rocky; Sandy Springs OK
MARKATAN, Jerome; Masontown PA
MARLER, Charles C. II; East Leroy MI
MARTELL, Mike; Sweet Home OR
MARTINEZ, Juan; Compton CA
MARTINEZ, Moises; Oklahoma City OK
MAY, Douglas & Kimberly; Locke Haven PA
MAY, Orb, West Plains MO
MAYBERRY, Bob; Conway MO
MCCALL, Travis; Inglewood CA
MCCARTNEY, Tina; Gaffney SC
MCCORMICK, Connell, Providence RI
MCCORD, Jeff; Prattville AL
MCCOWAN, Mike; Chandler TX
MCGOWAN-LEE, Eileen; Potsdam NY
MEZA, Julio, Dinuba CA
MILLER, Joseph H.; St. Clair Shores MI
MILLER, Mike, Easton PA
MILLS, Virgil; Barbourville KY
MITCHELL, William; Lynch Station VA
MOATES, Sam; Enterprise AL
MONTGOMERY, Bobby; Charlotte NC
MONTGOMERY, Martin S.; Conway AR
MOORE, Allen; Thornton WV
MOORE, Jason; Vidor TX
MOORE, Mary; Uniontown KS
MORRIS David; Hogansville GA
MORRIS, Hank; Westville OK
MOZQUEDA, Jonathan; Indio CA
MURRAY, Alvin, Crockett TX
NAVA, Eduardo, Carpentersville IL
NEIL, Michael P.; Canoga Park CA
NELSON, Earl Ed; Sioux Falls SD
NEWCOMBE, Wayne; Aylesford NS CAN
NEWMAN, Arnold; Daphne AL
NICHOLS, Kinsey LeRoy; Sturgis MI
OCAMPO, Guillermo; Comption CA
OCHOA, Ana; Riverside CA
OCHOA, Luis; Pacoima CA
OKLEY, Leonard; Middletown OH
OLIVER, Kyle, Minden LA
OLSON, Bo, Sauk Rapids MN
O’NEAL, Michael, Polk City FL
ORDAZ, Jesus; La Puente CA
ORTEGO, Jesus; El Centro CA
OWEN, Jackie; Versailles KY
PALACIOS, Victor, El Paso TX
PARKS, Josh; Newport TN
PARKS, Larry Lee; Gate City VA
PARRAZ, David; Sylmar CA
PARSLEY, Rod; Georgetown OH
PATE, Byron, Oak Hill WV
PATIBUT, Parichet; Bangkok, Thailand
PAULEY, Andy; Sandyville WV
PAULEY, John Wayne, Dillwyn VA
PEAVLER, David, Jr.; Rutledge TN
PENN, Marlon; Houston TX
PEPPERS, Mark, Petersburg VA
PEREZ, Richard; Portland TX
PERRY, Michael; Sacramento CA
PETERSON, D. Leon; Brighton CO
PETERSON, D. Lynn (aka Lynn, Lori); Brighton CO
PETTINELLI, Nathan, Lugoff SC
PHILLIPS, Devin; Bakersfield CA
PHILLIPS, Martin S. II; Mayville (also Bad Axe) MI
PIERCE, Dan; Quaker City OH
PIGG, William; Mount Vernon KY
PINA, Jose C.; Mira Loma CA
PINEDA, Roy (aka Rene Lucero); Denver CO
POLK, Gene, Jr., Corinth MS
POLO, Christopher; Buckingham VA
POPOLIZIO, Frank, Schenectady NY
PORTER, Bobby; Wewoka OK
PORTER, Truth; Kannapolis NC
PRIETO, Joey; Stanton CA
QUESINBERRY, Randell; Mt. Airy NC
QUINONES, Ruben, Hollywood FL
QUINTERO, Omar; Long Beach CA
ALANIS R, M. Antonio; Fresno CA
RAINES, Clarence, Brevard NE
RAMIREZ, Wilfredo Rivera; Carolina, Puerto Rico
RATHFELDER, John; Fremont OH
REAKSECKER, Gary; Phoenix AZ
REAKSECKER, Tracy; Phoenix AZ
REAL, Jonathan; Phoenix AZ
RECTOR, Justin; Rutherfordton NC
REID, Harold; Hamptonville NC
REID, Tony; Hudson NC
REIDLING, Jeff; Fremont OH
REITAS, Renee; Calera AL
RETHERFORD, Jason; Concordia KS
RICE, Lewis; Austin IN
RICHTER, Brad; Camp Point IL
RINEHART, Corey; Neillsville WI
RIVERA, Juan; Kissimmee FL
ROBERTS, Matson; Richmond VA
ROBERTSON, Chris; Bakersfield CA
ROBINSON, Jimmy, Canton NC
ROBINSON, Karl; Ailsa Craig ON CAN
RODRIGUEZ, Antonio; Fresno CA
RODRIGUEZ, Maria; Bellflower CA
ROMANS, John; Lafayette GA
ROJAS, Felipe; Los Angeles CA
RUDD, Robert; Sac City IA
RUIZ, Lazaro, Homestead FL
RUIZ, Roberto, Calexico CA
RUIZ, Rosalinda, Calexico CA
RUSSELL, Omar, Miami Beach FL
RYKERT, Marsha; Fruitport MI
SADDLER, Stan; Kalamazoo MI
SALAZAR, Marco, Mesa AZ
SAMMARTINO, Joey; Wisconsin Rapids WI/Rudolph WI
SANCHEZ, Adalberto; Las Vegas NV
SANDERS, Cory, Columbus MS
SANFORD, Shawn; Adairsville GA
SANTADER, Michelle; Loredo TX
SAUNDERS, Ralph; Indianapolis IN
SCACE, Sam; Sauk City WI
SCHAFFER, Richard; New Lisbon NY
SCHAUFELBERGER, Michael; St. Petersburg FL
SCHNEIDER, Jacob “Jake”; Pine City MN
SCHNELL, Rodney; Newton WI
SCHREIBER, Rene; Hampton VA
SCHROEDER, Amy; Rock Spring WI
SCHWARTZMAN, Jeffrey; Royal Palm Beach FL
SELLARE, Chris; Shirley NY
SERENA, Donna; Apple Valley CA
SERRANO, Sergio, San Barnardino CA
SHEVLIN, Kathy; Rochester NY
SHEVLIN, Thomas; Rochester NY
SHREVE Robert, Creal Springs IL
SHULTZ , Elizabeth; New England
SILVERS, Mike; Piedmont SC
SIU, Jeffrey, New York NY
SLAGLE, Robert; Berlin Heights OH
SMITH, David; Lonegrove OK
SMITH, David A.; Water Valley MS
SMITH, Jamie; Westminster SC
SMITH, Ronald A.; Sturgis MI
SNELL, Thomas; Unionville TN
SOWERS, Solomon; Rock WV
STANLEY, Jerry; Frisco City AL
STEPHENS, Janene; Enumclaw WA
STINNETT, Jim; Lake Village IN
STOCKTON, Ryan; Fresno CA
STONE, Gene, Christiansted, Virgin Islands
SWANSON, Brad; Savage MN
SWEENY, Dan; Trenton SC
TACKETT, Blayne; Shelby Gap KY
TANNER, David; Wichita Falls TX
TANNER, Tyler; Franklin GA
TAYLOR-WILLIAMS, Octavia, Atlanta GA
THIRY, Jared; Rochester IN
THOMAS, Carla; St. Petersburg FL
THOMPSON, Sylvia; Alfus AR
THOMPSON, Thomas; Columbia PA
TICE, Frank; Montvale VA
TINOCO, Jose; Wichita KS
TORRES, Jeremy; Rising Star TX
TYSINGER, Billy; Hardeeville SC
URIAS, Antonio; San Diego CA
VALANDINGHAM, Mark; Speedwell TN
VANDER MEULEN, Tim; Grand Rapids MI
VAUGHN, Eric; Royston GA
VAUGHN, Roman; Sun City CA
VESTAL, Brad; Elkin NC
VILLALOBOS, Jose; Compton CA
VILLALOBOS, Roberto; Anaheim CA
VILLANUEVA, Leo, Plumas Lake CA
VILAYSONE, Ae-Nhay Noy; San Diego CA
VINSON, Wes; Lowell IN
WAGNER, Gary; Sanger TX
WALLACE, Steve; Mt. Orab OH
WARD, Anndrea (aka Ann Ward,aka Mrs. A. Ward, aka A. Ward, aka Alison Ward, aka Andrea Ward); Athens OH; Lavale MD; New Haven WV; Mason WV
WARD, Mitch (aka M. Ward); Jackson OH; New Haven WV; Mason WV
WARD, Scott (aka Abe S. Ward, aka S. Ward); Athens OH; Lavale MD; New Haven WV; Mason WV
WARE, Robert; Horton AL
WARGO, Wesley; Jemison AL
WATSON, Shawn, Newark OH
WATSON, Wesley; Iuka MS
WATTS, Antonio II; Los Angeles CA
WEAVER, Robert; Crooksville OH
WEIR, Linda; Nelson, BC CAN
WELCH, Susan; McDade TX
WENNE, C. Weston G.; Findley OH; Fort Myers FL
WETZSTEIN, Josh; Wanamingo MN
WHIPKEY, Bobby; Waynesburg PA
WHITE, Andre; Rialto CA
WHITE, Willie; Marion OH
WILLIAMS, Deonte, Atlanta GA
WILLIAMS, Luke; Chuckey TN
WILLIAMSON, Kevin, Kannapolis NC
WILLIAMSON, Latrice, Kannapolis NC
WILSON, Bill; Hillsboro IL
WINN, William D.; Byron Center MI
WISNER, Wayne (aka Pete); Avoca MI
WRIGHT, Marco, American Canyon CA
WRIGHT, Mike; Nashville AR
WYATT, Billy; Rising Star TX
YANCY, Ernest; Logan IA
YOHAI, Reno; West Park FL

Suspended Until Date Noted
ADDIE, Brandon, Hanceville AL, March 23, 2017
ALEXANDER, Jesse, Covington CA, July 10, 2016
ALI, Wadi, Aurora CO, July 22, 2017
ALLENDER, John, Jr., Zanesville OH, October 19, 2016
ALMANZA, Mark, Niangua MO, March 16, 2018
ALVERSON, Cameron, West Sacramento CA, May 19, 2016
ARANDA, Axel A., Pharr TX, March 21, 2018
ARELLANO, Manuel, Fresno CA, November 20, 2016
AUGUSTUS, Charles, Las Vegas NV, May 19, 2017
AVALOS, Martin, Fort Payne AL, June 23, 2016
AVALOS, Ramon, Corpus Christi TX, May 19, 2017
BAILEY, Sean, Salem WV, July 23, 2017
BEAUVAIS, Philip, Cypress TX, October 22, 2017
BENEDICT, Jay, Venus TX, August 14, 2016
BENTON, Tony, West Liberty KY, August 21, 2016
BEYER, Ryan, Northport MI, March 23, 2017
BIDWELL, Jacob, Decatur TN, June 16, 2016
BOLAND, Dustin, West Peoria IL, November 18, 2016
BOWER, Paul, Hasty AR, August 14, 2016
BOYD, Lloyd, Houston TX, June 19, 2017
BRADFORD, Brian, Portsmouth OH, August 21, 2016
BRADSHAW, Dillon, Connelly Springs NC, June 23, 2016
BRITO, Jacqueline A., South Dartmouth MA, March 16, 2017
BRODANEX, Larry, Park Forest IL, September 16, 2017
BROWN, Andy, Pascagoula MS; October 17, 2016
BROWN, Marquis, Haynesville AL, January 22, 2017
BUTLER, Vincent, Mesquite TX, June 19, 2017
CABRERA, George, Hampton VA, March 16, 2018
CAMACHO, Jonathan, Kansas City MO, July 22, 2017
CANALES, Mario, Houston TX, February 16, 2018
CARINIO, Jason R., Kapolei HI, April 19, 2018
CARNAHAN, Garlen, Gravette AR, June 18, 2016
CATALDO, Debora, Italy, October 20, 2016
CAVALIER, Gary, Folsom LA, October 20, 2017
CHADWELL, Peyton, Tazewell TN, August 21, 2017
CHANCE, Kathleen, Athens TX, February 19, 2017
COFFEY, Steven, Mr. Vernon KY, July 23, 2017
CONNER, Michael, Creole LA; October 17, 2016
CONTRERAS, Eduardo, Roma TX, January 23, 2017
COWLEY, Suellen, Momence IL, November 20, 2016
CRAIG, Josh, Owingsville KY, July 23, 2017
CUEVAS, Hector, Pasadena CA, January 23, 2017
DAKE, Austin, Ten Mile TN, June 16, 2016
DANIELS, Josh, Orrum NC, July 22, 2016
DAVIS, Delano, Genoa WV, June 17, 2017
DEBLAUW, Linda, Arroyo Grande CA, December 16, 2017
DENMON, J.T., Dallas TX, July 21, 2017
DENNEY, Fred, Jackson OH, July 9, 2016
DENNEY, Jarrod, Jackson OH, July 9, 2016
DENNY, Greg, Marion IN, November 20, 2016
DERING, Adrianne, Morgantown WV, February 24, 2017
DOWELL, David, Taterville KY, July 23, 2017
DURBIN, Kenny, Baxter Springs KS, February 24, 2017
EARLES, Zack, London OH, January 22, 2017
ESPARZA, Jason, San Diego CA, May 20, 2016
FERREIRA, Amy, South Dartmouth MA, March 16, 2017
FRAZIER, Dwayne, Kingsport TN, October 17, 2016
FULMORE, Cheryl, Central Islip NY, January 22, 2017
GARAY, Christina, Brooklyn NY, April 29, 2017
GARCIA, Elizabeth Blas, Cordoba, Spain, March 16, 2018
GINGERICH, Ura, Seymour IA, February 24, 2017
GLASSCOCK, Chad, Jemison AL, May 16, 2016
GODWIN, Charles, Central Islip NY, January 22, 2017
GOINS, Herbert, Jr., August 13, 2016
GOLDIE, Dean, Owingsville, KY, July 23, 2017
GOMEZ, Jesus T.P., Balch Springs TX, April 19, 2018
GONZALEZ, Jon, Havelock NC, June 23, 2016
GONZALEZ, Viviana Sanchez, Chula Vista CA, September 17, 2016
GRANADOS, Enrique, Moreno Valley CA, June 18, 2017
GRECH, Richard, Toronto Ontario CN, November 19, 2016
GRIDER, Justin, Clinton TN, August 13, 2016
GRIMES, Henry, Johns Island SC, June 18, 2017
GRIMES, Henry, Melrose FL, August 14, 2016
HAGAN, Josh, Callahan FL, November 18, 2016
HAIRE, Ocean Kaimana, Modesto CA, January 18, 2018
HAMRICK, Dewayne, Vincent OH, July 21, 2017
HARE, Michael, Montgomery AL, May 19, 2016
HARRIS, Austin, Lawrenceville GA, August 21, 2017
HARTSGROVE, Danny, Toms River NJ, April 19, 2018
HASSEL, Tyrone, Benton Harbor MI, May 19, 2017
HERRERA, Andreys, Paterson NJ, June 17, 2017
HERRERA, Eduardo C., Bakersfield CA, April 19, 2018
HODGES, Leroy, Morehead KY, July 23, 2017
HUNTER, Gabriel, Medford NY, January 22, 2017
ISLAS, Pedro, La Verkin UT, November 18, 2016
JAE, Her Young, Namyangjusi, South Korea, August 21, 2016
JENKINS, Jamie, Taylor MS, April 29, 2017
JOHNSON, Tanya, San Diego CA, September 17, 2016
JONES, Francis, Poplarville MS, March 16, 2018
KARATAS, Erdi, Hasseh, Belgium, May 26, 2016
KEEBLE, Yannick, Belgium, February 24, 2017
KELLEY, Donald, Kents Store VA, May 19, 2017
KILANI, Tanya, Lilburn GA, May 19, 2017
KING, Keely, West Sacramento CA, May 19, 2016
KNOX, Angela, Menifee CA, March 21, 2018
LENNON, Thomas E., Jr., Greensboro NC, March 16, 2018
LEONARD, Melvin, Buffalo NY, June 18, 2017
MABRY, Joseph, Morehead KY, August 21, 2017
MASCORRO, Shawn, Atwates CA, July 10, 2016
MAXEY, George, Orlando FL, November 18, 2016
MAXEY, William, Orlando FL, November 18, 2016
MEIERER, Pat, Lexington MO, June 16, 2017
MENDEZ, Melody, Strawberry Plains TN, November 19, 2017
MIRAMONTES, Monica E. Rdrgz, Jalisco, Mexico, March 21, 2018
MITCHELL, Kevin, Adelphia NJ, November 20, 2016
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