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I have a male dog. How do I get people to breed their females to him?
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I have a male dog. How do I get people to breed their females to him?

This is a question many people have when they want to breed their males. Some people even call people up and ask them to breed their females to their dog because they have a nice dog. There are many factors that partake in the breeding process, so this is not a good choice in finding a lady mate for your stud. The best way to get your dog out there and recognized as a stud is advertisement. Knowledgeable people like to see health testing, titles, or involvement in programs like the Performance Program. Make sure to list his health testing, show information, hunt information, pictures, pedigrees, programs, or any sort of information one would need or want in preparing breeding information. Basic places to advertise would be the UKC Breeders List, newspapers, one of the UKC Publications, and the UKC Free Classified Section of the message boards. Some people even post articles at their local pet store.