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We are currently processing registration applications that were received as of February 21, 2017.


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Can I laminate my papers?

UKC strongly advises a dog's registrant to NOT laminate their Original UKC registration certificate. This hinders the ability of a current registrant to sign the back and transfer the dog to another person.

If the certificate is laminated, the new registrant can submit the original registration certificate, a written and signed statement from current registrant(s) of record authorizing the dog to be transferred. This statement MUST include the name and UKC # of the dog, the purchase date for the new registrant, the name and address of the new registrant (and co-registrant), the new name of the dog (if applicable) and the name and signature of the current registrant(s).

An Affidavit and additional fee are NOT required to transfer a dog using laminated papers (12/12/07)