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We are currently processing registration applications that were received as of February 10, 2017.


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How do I submit a complaint/dispute about someone?

Any person who believes another individual or club has committed a violation of UKC policies or rules, or otherwise commits an act not in the best interest of UKC or dogs in general, should make those actions known to the UKC. Examples of such possible violations include, but are not limited to: falsifying papers or pedigrees, cruelty to dogs, suspicion of professional handlers, and dog fighting.

Any suspicion of dog fighting, cruelty to dogs, or any crimes involving dogs should first and foremost be reported to local law enforcement. UKC takes these issues very seriously and any persons convicted of cruelty to dogs or dog fighting will be barred from UKC for life.

It should be noted that the UKC will not become involved in contract disputes, or act as an arbitrator in “dog deals.” Because the registry is not a party to the original agreement between buyer and seller, the UKC has no standing to intervene at a later date. UKC will also not take action in alleged forgeries, as the UKC does not have the power or the resources to identify or prove a forgery. Both of these issues are best left to a court of law, and UKC will honor the court’s decision.

If you believe a violation or other wrongdoing has occurred, submit a detailed complaint IN WRITING to:

United Kennel Club, Inc.
Attn: Problem Resolution Department
100 E. Kilgore Rd
Kalamazoo, MI 49002

Fax: (269)343-9020

Complaints must be in writing, signed by the complainant, include a current address for the complainant, and be as detailed as possible. Be sure to include names of all individuals involved, and any and all supporting documentation, photos, etc. The accused individual will be logged so that the Problem Resolution Department will be able to track any and all complaints on the individual. If the complaint and situation warrants, and cannot be solved within the Problem Resolution Department, the case will go before the Disciplinary Action Committee.