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We are currently processing registration applications that were received as of February 14, 2017.


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How Do I Change The Name Of My Dog?

United Kennel Club allows an owner to change the name of a dog unless one or both of the following has occurred:

1. Once a dog has earned a UKC title, no part of the dog's name can be changed. The reasoning behind this is once the dog has earned a title it creates difficulties in tracking ongoing records of that dog.

2. Once the dog becomes a sire or dam of a UKC registered litter, no part of his or her name can undergo any sort of change. The reasoning behind this is that the puppies from this sire or dam have their parent's names listed on their pedigree. If their sire or dam's name is changed they now have incorrect names listed as their parent.

To change your dog's name, the current or new registrant/Sole Signatory can fill in the exact name on the back of the original Registration Certificate and submit the certificate to UKC with a fee of $20. We will send you a new registration certificate with three-generation pedigree reflecting the name change.

UKC reserves the right to deny a dog's requested name if the name is deemed lewd, offensive or inappropriate.