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What is the difference between “AND” vs “OR” partnerships?
How do I change the name of my dog?
What do I do when my dog passes away?
How do I change my address?
What happens if my dog has disqualifying faults?
Can I laminate my papers?
How do I change my name if I get married/divorced?
How do I replace lost or stolen papers?
What does “Purple Ribbon” mean?
Does UKC accept any non-U.S. funds?
How do I submit a complaint/dispute about someone?
How old does my dog have to be before they can be bred? Please answer for both males and females.
Should all females be bred once?
Does breeding a female make her more docile?
What do the terms line breeding, inbreeding, outcrossing mean?
I have a male dog. How do I get people to breed their females to him?
Is it OK to do a brother/sister breeding?
When is a female too old to be bred? Male?

Is it OK to do a brother/sister breeding?

It is generally not a good idea. A brother/sister breeding is considered inbreeding. While it can be used in some cases to solidify certain traits in the puppies, it also can reinforce faults that can be very hard to eliminate for generations.