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Important Information and Rules Governing Single Registration for the Epagneul Breton

1. Breed specific application is required. Download Single Registration Application for Epagneul Breton.

2. All applications must be accompanied by proof of registration with a UKC-acknowledged registry as well as a copy of a certified three generation pedigree from such registry of the dog applying for registration, or pedigrees of its sire and dam, must be attached. Acknowledged canine registries are CEB-US, the American Kennel Club (AKC) or UKC acknowledged foreign registry issuing certified pedigrees outside the United States.

3. The examination of the dog's lineage by CEB-US must verify at a minimum, that any non-UKC registered Epagneul Breton dog listed in the pedigree within a minimum of five (5) generations is a purebred Epagneul Breton registered by a UKC acknowledged registry.

4. Four color photos of the dog must be submitted with the application. Two photos from the side and two from the front, all in a standing position. Photos will not be returned and become the property of UKC and CEB-US once submitted.

5. Although CEB-US in cooperation with the UKC will exercise reasonable diligence in verifying the dog's lineage so as to be eligible for single registration, it is the applicant's responsibility to submit sufficient documentation before the application can be approved. You may be contacted for additional information.

6. The fee for registration is $25.00 to UKC and $25.00 to CEB-US. The $25.00 paid to CEB-US is non-refundable. Total fee of $50.00 should be made payable to UKC.

7. Refer to application for more details.

Mail the application, required documentation and payment to the UKC Home Office, Kalamazoo, MI address;

- or -
Fax to the UKC Home Office at 269.343.7037 (RUSH Processing cannot be guaranteed)

- or -
Scan and email to registration@ukcdogs.com (RUSH Processing cannot be guaranteed)

Normal processing time is 10 business days - not including mail time. -
Most major credit cards accepted.

Need help? Send us an
email with your name, address, breed name and question,
we'll assist you through the entire registration process.