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Single Registration For The Dutch Shepherd

1. Completed UKC Application for Single Registration

2. Photocopy of the dog’s registration certificate from a UKC acknowledged registry. For the Dutch Shepherd our acknowledged registries include any FCI registry or Canadian Kennel Club.

3. Complete three generation pedigree.

4. Three color photos (one photo of each side of the dog and one photo of the front). All photos should be of the dog in a standing position. Photos must be close up so all distinguishing marks can be seen.

Mail the application, required documentation and payment to the UKC Home Office, Kalamazoo, MI address;

- or - Fax to the UKC Home Office at 269.343.7037 (automatic $35.00 Expedited processing fee will apply);
- or - Scan and email to registration@ukcdogs.com (automatic $35.00 Expedited processing fee will apply).

Normal processing time is 10 business days - not including mail time. - Most major credit cards accepted.

Need help? Send us an email with your name, address, breed name and question, we'll assist you through the entire registration process.