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How do I collect a sample?
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How Do I Collect A Sample?

1. Complete the DNA application. Click here to see a completed DNA application.

2. When sampling more than one dog, wash your hands between each sample to prevent cross-contamination.

3. Withhold food for at least one-half hour before collecting a sample for DNA testing. Visually inspect the dog's mouth between the cheek and gums for food debris, etc. The objective is to collect cheek epithelial cells, avoiding food debris.

4. Write the dog's name or other identifying information on the DNA Cheekswab wrapper.

5. Open the swab package by peeling back the loose edges of the DNA Cheekswab sleeve, about one inch.

6. Grasp the swab's plastic handle and pull the swab out of the wrapper. Envision inserting a toothbrush inside the mouth, turning the bristles away from your teeth towards the cheek. The objective is to collect cheek epithelial cells.

7. Steady your dog's head. Hold the swab by the applicator stick. Vigorously rub and rotate the swab's bristle head against the inside surface of the cheek for about 30 seconds.

8. Immediately re-insert the swab into the DNA Cheekswab sleeve (no need to reseal the sleeve).

9. Mail sample, completed DNA application, and correct fee if you have not already prepaid the UKC DNA Department.

Listed below are some situations to avoid when collecting a DNA sample:

Do not let the dog eat or drink for at least 30 minutes before swabbing the dog.
Do not let the swab come in contact with the teeth or the outside of the dog as you may contaminate the swab.
Do not set the swab down while open, before or after swabbing the dog.