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Registering Dual or Multiple Sire Litters
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Registering Dual or Multiple Sire Litters

For litters possibly out of two or more Sires complete the following steps:

1. Purchase a DNA Kit for each Sire, the Dam and each pup born in the litter, unless DNA is already on record at UKC.

2. Swab each dog involved and properly label the DNA envelopes. For puppies with UKC numbers not yet established please mark the DNA envelope with the call name of the dog or an identifiable marker. Please fully complete each DNA application with as much information as you can provide.

3. Complete the Dual Sire Litter Application.

4. Submit the Dual Sire Litter Application with the DNA Profiles for all dogs involved and the proper fee.

Once all dogs and puppies have been successfully profiled, the litter owner will receive an Application for Permanent Registration for each pup. A Certificate of DNA Analysis will be issued for all dogs tested.