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American Bully Breed Frequently Asked Questions

American Bully Breed Single Application
Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does UKC register American Bullys?
A: Yes, as of July 15, 2013 we recognize the American Bully breed.

Q: Can I Register my American Bully with UKC?
A: You can submit a Single Registration application for consideration but UKC cannot make any guarantee that it will be approved or accepted for registration. All applications go through a review process with the UKC Single Registration Committee once they are received in-house.

Q: Does my dog have to be a certain age?
A: All American Bullys must be at least six months of age to apply for single registration with UKC.

Q: What do I need to do to get my dog registered?
A: You will need to download the Application For American Bully Breed Single Registration from our website, it can be e-mailed to you or one can be mailed to you.
You will need to complete the application, sign, and submit it with the supporting documentation required (or as much as you have) along with three color photographs of the dog (one from each side, and one from the front, the dog must be standing in the photographs and the photos need to be sharp and clear. The dog’s tail must also be clearly visible. Photos that are e-mailed must be in a jpeg or PDF file format. Payment of $50.00 must be enclosed with the application.

Q. If an APBT applies for a breed transfer to be an American Bully and UKC determines the APBT wasn’t a good representative of and APBT as it was originally registered, will UKC pull its APBT papers and suspend the owner’s privileges?
A. No! This is strictly a rumor. It is not known how this rumor started but UKC is moving forward. No one is getting punished! UKC is simply trying to best sort out the gene pool from a predetermined point in time.

Q. Will the UKC decide on their own to change my APBT papers to American Bully papers for any reason, even if I didn’t request it?
A. No. The UKC does not and will not change breed designations on its own; dogs will remain as APBTs unless the owner asks for a transfer to American Bully. This is consistent with the policy to not go back and make changes to a dog’s ancestors in existing pedigrees. It is an owner’s choice to make the change to American Bully, not a UKC choice.

Q. Are pedigrees from other registries accepted for American Bully applications? Are open pedigrees also accepted?
A. Pedigrees from ABKC and other registries are accepted, encouraged and invited; however, they are not required for American Bully Single Application consideration at this time. As is the typical policy for all-breed registries world-wide when establishing foundation stock, applications with open pedigrees will also be considered for registration. When establishing foundation stock, or when we recognize a new breed, UKC has long accepted hand written pedigrees for Single Registration of most breeds as we are doing for the American Bully breed. (again, this is common practice for many century old registries world-wide.) Many breeders and dog owners keep their own records for foundation stock. This is especially the case since most other dog registries do not include pedigrees directly on their registration certificates and instead sell and print them separately. UKC is unique in that the UKC Performance Pedigree« is printed directly on the Permanent Registration Certificate. (Performance Pedigrees« contain information for each dog in the pedigree, including: coat color, number of offspring produced, and the number of titles earned by those offspring).

Q. Will there be different varieties , sizes, or classifications for American Bullys other than the one described in the breed standard?

A. At this time, UKC has absolutely no plans to add classes for or recognize other breeds or varieties of American Bullys.

Q. Who wrote the UKC American Bully Standard and what background they do they have with the American Bully breed?
A. As is true with all breeds, the UKC breed standard committee writes the UKC breed standards. It is composed of dog breeders with nearly 200 years of dog breeding experience collectively between them. This includes individuals with direct experience with APBTs and their root and related bull and terrier breeds. They used their experience in writing and editing standards for hundreds of breeds, researched other bully standards, consulted with veterinarians and geneticists, and perhaps most important, wrote it with absolute concern for making a blueprint for a healthy, athletic dog that fits our personal Total Dog philosophy. Many registries all over the world have different breed standards for the same breeds and we fully support those choices. This is our interpretation, we respect and understand that other registries and organizations may have different goals, preferences and breed standards. The UKC American Bully standard describes the type of dog that we feel best meets our specific mission.

Q. Will the UKC be releasing photos or drawings of an American Bully as examples of their standard?
A. Yes, UKC has and they are posted on this FB site and our website. UKC will be adding and changing them regularly. Because no dog is perfect, and photos don’t show the whole dog, it should be noted that they are merely examples intended to show the basic type of dog we describe in the UKC standard. It is felt by UKC that they are good examples but are not suggesting they are perfect. As is UKC practice with all breeds, a drawing of a dog that is considered to closely meet the breed standard is in development.

Q: How long will Single Registration be open for American Bully’s?
A: Single Registration will be open indefinitely. No closing date has been set at this time; however UKC reserves the right to close any Single Registration at any time without notice.

Q: How much does it cost to Single Register an American Bully?
A: The fee for Single Registration for either breed is $50.00 ($35.00 for registration and $15.00 for processing and handling). The $15.00 processing and handling fee is non-refundable as it is the application fee.

Q: If my American Bully Single Application is denied registration will I get my money back?
A: You will be refunded $35.00 if your application is denied. The $15.00 application fee for processing and handling is non-refundable.

Q: Can I pay for Rush Service, Expedited Service or Next Day Air Service for Single Registration of my American Bully?
A: No expedited service is available due to the review process. Each application and set of photos are reviewed by our Single Registration Committee.

Q: Can I send in more than one Single Application at the same time?
A: Yes, you may submit multiple Single Applications in the same envelope. However please be sure that the photos are labeled for each dog.

Q: If I send in multiple Single Applications, do I have to pay a processing and handling fee for each application?
A: Yes, each application requires the application fee for processing and handling.

Q: If I send in multiple Single Applications are there any discounts available?
A: No, there are not.

Q: Is there a special Single Application I have to use?
A: Yes, there are breed specific applications for American Bully’s. This link will take you to that form: Application For American Bully Breed Single Registration.

Q: How long will it take to get my papers?
A: Processing will take approximately 6-8 weeks; however it is dependent upon the volume of mail received. This does not include time in transit. Applications are reviewed and processed in the order they are received.

Q: Who determines if my American Bully Single Application is approved?
A: The UKC Single Registration Committee will be reviewing the photos and pedigrees with each application.

Q: How many owners can I list on the dog?
A: You may list up to four individuals on a dog’s record. However, a Sole Signatory will need to be appointed. This will be the person responsible for signing all registration documents pertaining to the dog. A Sole Signatory Designation Form can be downloaded from our website, e-mailed or mailed to you.

Q: Does my American Bully have to be registered somewhere else to be registered with UKC?
A: No, but if the dog is, please send copies of the registration certificate and pedigree. Please do not send any original documents.

Q: Do I need a complete three generation pedigree to single register my American Bully?
A: No, a complete three generation pedigree is not required, but please provide the information you do have. The pedigree will show “open” for any unknown dogs. You may handwrite your dog’s three generation pedigree; however UKC is not responsible for errors caused by illegible handwriting.

Q: What if I have an APBT that should be registered as an American Bully?
A: If a dog is registered with UKC as an APBT and the owner/(s) would like to change the breed designation of that dog to American Bully, a Breed Transfer Form must be completed. A Breed Transfer Form is available on our website, or can be e-mailed/mailed to you. Note: If the dog is registered in partnership, both owners signatures are required regardless of whether it’s an “and” or “or” partnership. If the dog is registered with a Sole Signatory only the Sole Signatory is required to sign. A Breed Transfer is not available for dogs with a UKC APBT Conformation Show title. This request will only be considered if the dog meets the UKC American Bully breed standard as interpreted by the UKC. Any dogs in the pedigree that are registered as APBTs will be listed on the dog’s pedigree by name, as well as any working titles, but the UKC numbers will be removed.

Q. What if I have an APBT with an Application for Permanent Registration and want to transfer this dog to be registered as an American Bully?
A: You will need to forward the completed Application for Permanent Registration along with the Breed Transfer Form. Note: the dog must be at least one year of age. The fee is $50.

Q: If I decide to transfer my APBT to an American Bully, will the dog have the same UKC Registration Number?
A: No, the dog will be issued a new UKC Registration Number as an American Bully. The pedigree of the new registration number will reflect the pedigree of the APBT's without the UKC numbers or show titles. The dog's APBT UKC Registration number will be marked as inactive. As the dog will no longer be registered as an APBT. The pedigrees of the offspring registered prior to the breed transfer will reflect the dog's APBT UKC Registration number and show titles.

Q: How do I get my APBT breed designation changed to American Bully?
A: The original registration certificate will need to be mailed in to: UKC, attention: APBT Corrections Department along with a completed Breed Transfer Application signed by the owner/registrants or Sole Signatory. The cost for a Breed Transfer is $50.00.

Q: Can I breed my APBT to an American Bully?
A: The dogs may be bred but each of the offspring will only be eligible to be single registered as American Bullys. Litters from this cross will not be eligible for UKC litter registration. Offspring from this cross will not be eligible to be registered as APBTs. Consideration for American Bully Single Registration will available when dog(s) are one year of age.

Q: I already bred a litter and didn’t realize the sire and dam were registered as different breeds. Can I still register my litter?
A: The dogs are not eligible for litter registration. These dogs would only be eligible to be registered as an American Bully. Consideration for American Bully Single Registration will available when dog(s) are one year of age.

Q: Can I email a photo of my dog to UKC so they can tell me which breed to register my dog as?
A: UKC cannot advise you on proper registration for your dog based on looking at solely a picture. Single Registration for the appropriate breed can only be determined through review of the application and the requisite documents and photos. Please review our breed standards and decide which better suits your dog before submitting your Single Registration application.

Q: Do I need to send photos with my single registration application for an American Bully?
A: Yes, three color photographs are required. One photo should be taken of each side and one from the front. The dog must be standing in all photos. The photos must be clear enough to see all distinguishing marks the dog may have and the tail must also be clearly visible. Photos that are e-mailed must be in a jpeg or PDF file format.

Q: Why do you need to see the dog’s tail?
A: If the dog has a docked or surgically altered tail, you must provide a signed statement from a veterinarian indicating the reason for the altered tail.

Q: If my dog is denied as an APBT, can I apply as an American Bully?
A: If your dog is denied registration as an APBT but we determine the dog qualifies as an American Bully, you may be sent a letter informing you of the situation and what your options are. If you choose to register as an American Bully, any dogs in the pedigree registered as APBT’s will not reflect their UKC numbers but will indicate the dog’s name and any working titles.

Q: What if I don’t know the owner of the sire or dam at the time of breeding when submitting a Single Application for an American Bully?
A: It is not required, you may put Unknown.

Q: Can I fax my American Bully Single Registration Application?
A: No, faxed applications will not be accepted.

Q: Can I bring my American Bully Single Registration Application into the office and have my dog registered the same day?
A: No. Walk-in applications will not be accepted.

Q: Can I email my American Bully Single Registration Application?
A: You can email your application for an American Pit Bull Terrier to apbtsingle@ukcdogs.com or for an American Bully to ambullysingle@ukcdogs.com. Remember photos must accompany the applications. Photos that are e-mailed must be in a jpeg or PDF file format.

Q: Where do I mail my application to?
A: Mail your application to United Kennel Club, 100 E Kilgore Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49002. Please note in the Attention line which breed applications are included: American Pit Bull Terrier or American Bully.

Q: Can I send my Litter Registration Application in with my American Bully Single Registration Application?
A: No. Due to the processing and handling of these applications, no other work of any kind should be sent with the APBT or American Bully Single Registration Application.

Q: How do I register my Litter for an American Bully?
A: The Litter Application can be found here. Both parents must be UKC permanently registered as the same breed of dog. The litter must be registered before one year of age. UKC reserves the right to request photos of any dog at any time.

Q: What do I get if my American Bully Single Application is approved?
A: If your Single Registration Application is approved, you will be mailed a UKC Registration Certificate, Three Generation Performance Pedigree, and Easy Entry Card.

Q: Can I make copies of the Single Registration Application?
A: Yes, the applications may be copied.

Q: Is my American Bully eligible for Conformation?
A: Effective January 1, 2014, Conformation exhibition privileges for the American Bully will be granted. For more information, please contact conformation@ukcdogs.com.

Q: Can I apply for a Temporary Listing Number for my American Bully?
A: Yes. Learn more about TL numbers.

Q: Why has UKC decided to recognize the American Bully?
A: The recognition of the American Bully will allow the breed to develop, while allowing the American Pit Bull Terrier breed to maintain its classic appearance. The American Bully is recognizable by its characteristic compact, strong, thick-set structure and build, and broad head. It is imperative that the UKC recognized American Bully reflects the UKC breed standard, which can be accessed at the UKC website. This is an athletic breed; for example, dogs with front legs that are too short, too crooked, or set too wide are not the type of dog that will be considered for UKC registration. UKC does not condone any conditions or exaggerations that are detrimental to the health, welfare, essence and soundness of the American Bully or any other breed.