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UKC Breed Recognition Requirements

The United Kennel Club feels that breed recognition is a significant landmark for a breed, in that it will become officially recognized by the world’s largest performance dog registry. Full recognition entitles a breed to all the benefits of UKC, including, but not limited to, registration and participation in conformation and performance events licensed by the United Kennel Club. Therefore, the United Kennel Club prepared the following Breed Recognition Policies, all of which must be completed in order for a breed to be considered for recognition. Submission of this does not guarantee acceptance.

The United Kennel Club Breed Recognition Committee will CONSIDER a request for breed recognition of an established/existing breed from:
- a reputable breed organization; or
- an individual
once the following information has been submitted, in total, to UKC.

The organized, written proposal must include the following.

A one-time, non-refundable, recognition processing fee of $150 (in U.S. Funds).

A Letter of Intent, which must include all of the following.

1. Breed Information
A. The breed’s official name.
B. Is the breed known by any other name(s)? If so, list them, and provide an explanation.
C. All registries that currently recognize this breed.
D. A brief synopsis of the breed’s history, to include:
1) The breed’s country of origin.
2) Any breeds originally used to develop this breed.
3) Past and current functions/uses of this breed.
4) Citations and references to substantiate the breed history submitted.
5) Identify which of the eight UKC Breed Groups this breed would qualify for, and discuss how this breed is unique from other breeds already recognized in this Group.

2. Information for a Breed Organization/Association submitting this proposal
A. The official name of the organization/association/club submitting the proposal (to include any regularly used acronyms).
B. Supply a brief history of the organization/association, including a timeline noting important milestones.
C. The name, office held, and contact information for all current officers. Indicate who will be acting as the contact/liaison for the breed recognition process.
D. A current membership list.
E. How long has this association been in existence?
F. Are there any other breed organizations/associations for this breed in the United States? If yes, list them and include their date(s) of establishment.
G. Does this association license/hold events (to include conformation and/or performance)? If yes, please specify events and include average participation/entry numbers.
H. Include a current copy of the constitution and by-laws.
I. List the purpose and goals of said breed organization/association submitting this proposal.
J. Is this association interested in the probability of being recognized as the UKC Parent Club for this breed?
(Please note: breed recognition does not imply this association is entitled to become the UKC Parent Club.)

3. Information for an Individual submitting this proposal.
A. Name
B. Contact information (to include address, phone number, email address, website)
C. History with this breed
D. Do you currently own any dogs of this breed? If yes, how many?
E. What other breeds do you own? How many of each?

4. General Information to be provided by both an Individual and a Breed Organization/Association submitting this proposal.
A. What is the reason for seeking UKC recognition?
B. Supply all current breed standards for this breed.
1) include a synopsis of all differences in these breed standards.
Please note:
a) At the point that a breed recognition proposal is accepted, the UKC Breed Standard Committee will write the official UKC breed standard, which will be prepared in the best interests of the breed.
b) All photos, drawings and/or illustrations submitted for inclusion in the UKC official breed standard must be free of all copyrights, trademarks, and encumbrances, and if included in the breed standard will become the property of the United Kennel Club.
C. Include photographs of the breed, to include: adults, puppies, males, females, types, and acceptable colors and markings.
D. Include the approximate number of dogs in the U.S., and include their geographic locations.
E. Include the approximate number of dogs in other countries.
F. Include a list of any health concerns with this breed, and any hereditary problems.
G. Does this organization/individual maintain a registry/pedigree database? If yes, how many generations? What format is it stored in? Would you consider turning it over to UKC?

Provide any additional comments or issues the UKC Breed Recognition Committee should consider when examining your Letter of Intent and the validity of your plan.
Please send all documents to:
Breed Recognition Committee
United Kennel Club • 100 E. Kilgore Rd. • Kalamazoo MI 49002

Upon receipt of this information, the UKC Breed Recognition Committee will review it thoroughly. Please allow two to six months for the evaluation and any decisions.
The United Kennel Club does not consider a variation of an existing breed, or a result of a combination of two existing breeds, to be a new and unique breed. This includes, but is not limited to, differences in color, coat type, size or any disqualifications that may exist in the UKC Breed Standard for an existing breed. UKC reserves the right to refuse, correct or revoke any registration at any time.

To download and print the Requirements, please click here.

To download and print the Breed Recognition Procedures, clickáhere