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What are the deadlines?
Does it cost extra to have my ad designed?
I've never advertised before. How do I even submit an ad?
Do I need to send a copy of or write out my dog's pedigree if I want it in the ad?
Will my photos be returned?
Can I be placed on a certain page?
What type of photos work best in an ad?
Can you change the size/color of my photos?
Do I have to pay up front for my ad or can you bill me?
Can I see a proof of my ad before it goes to print?
How does the Black Gold discount work?
How soon should I mail my ad for the next issue?
How do I submit an article?
How do I submit a cover photo?
I plan to submit a camera ready ad, what are the ad dimensions?

Do I have to pay up front for my ad or can you bill me?

You may submit payment either in the form of a credit card number, check or money order when submitting the ad. You may also be billed for the ad. Invoices are mailed the first of the month concurrent with the magazine. (i.e. Invoices for all ads run in April CB, go in the mail on April 1) and must be paid before the 1st of the following month or late charges will be applied. HUNTING RETRIEVER advertisers will be charged double if not currently members of HRC. HRC and BLOODLINES advertisers ad rates also differ depending on whether the ad is billed or prepaid.

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