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Glossary of Terminology Applicable to Field Trials and Tests of Natural Ability (TANS)

Barrage - Brief competition by elimination via braces which is run at the end of field trial heats in multiple heat trials, at which the First Place and Reserve Placement are selected based on the style of the dogs to include the gait, ground coverage, desire and obedience.

Brace - A pair of dogs or two (2) dogs.

Breaking - Leaving before, or without, having been sent.

Bumping Birds - Scenting, or accidentally encountering, and then causing game to fly without establishing point.

Bye-Dog - A dog drawn as the last dog in a stake without a bracemate.

Callback - An opportunity afforded a dog by the Judges after completion of its initial run. This is done to give a dog an opportunity to compete further, or to allow a dog to demonstrate a stake requirement, such as pointing, retrieving or honoring.

Cast - The direction and range demonstrated by a dog while seeking game.

Couler - The act of a dog coming on point then slowly and stealthily inching closer to the bird, or following a moving bird in an effort to cause it to set and be pointed. A handler may verbally (quietly) or otherwise signal the dog by touch or motion to couler the dog.

Cover - The vegetation on course.

Fetch - One of a number of commands that can be given to a dog to release it to demonstrate a retrieve.

Find - Game located when a dog is hunting.

Flash Point - Momentary pause, not acceptable for a trial placement.

Gallery - Observers and spectators of a field trial.

Game - Upland birds.

Guide - A person acting in the official capacity of assisting during the trial for the purpose of game location only.

Gun-Shy - Afraid of gunfire.

Handler - The person handling a dog in a trial.

Heat - A segment, division or group of dogs of the entire stake.

Heeling - The act of verbally causing a dog to walk at a handler's side.

Honoring - When a dog stops immediately or within a few steps, usually in a pointing stance, upon observing a bracemate on point.

Interference - When a dog willfully hinders or impedes the performance of a bracemate.

Liberated Birds - See the definition of pen-raised birds.

Line Running - Running in a straightaway manner without quartering or seeking objectives.

Mark - The act of a dog to watch, or mark, the flight and/or fall of a bird.

Natural or Wild Upland Game - Wild upland game birds of various species that are known to naturally inhabit the area where a field trial is held. No birds or upland game meeting the definition of liberated birds or pen-raised birds as set forth herein shall be deemed to constitute natural or wild game.

Order Up a Dog - The Judge's command to a handler to remove his dog from the course upon completion of judging or for an infraction that disqualifies the dog.

Pen-Raised Birds - Also commonly referred to as liberated birds. Pen-raised birds are upland game birds of any species that are released upon field trial grounds for an insufficient time so as to adopt the characteristics of and simulate the behavior and flight characteristics of natural game birds of the applicable species. Game are considered pen-raised or liberated birds if they are released or liberated upon the grounds where a field trial is to be held for less than a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to a field trial.

Pick Up a Dog - When a dog is removed from further judgment.

Quartering - To laterally traverse (back and forth) an area of ground while advancing forward in front of the handler.

Range/Run - The distance at which a dog works from the handler.

Release a Dog - To send a dog on.

Relocate a Dog - To release a dog from a point or honor and move the dog on, usually to relocate moving game.

Retrieve - To find and bring back shot game.

Running Order - A listing of the bracing and running order of dogs entered in all stakes in a field trial.

Shotgun Range - The effective range of a shotgun, generally about 20-50 yards.

Stake - A competitive category or class in a field trial.

Steady to Flush - Maintaining a point and remaining steady until the bird is flushed (lifts off the ground).

Steady to Wing - Maintaining a point and remaining steady through the point that the bird is flushed and until the shot is fired.

Steady to Wing & Shot - Maintaining a point and remaining steady until a commanded couler is ordered and remaining steady until when the bird is flushed and during the bird's flight, through when the shot is fired; up to the point where the dog is leashed or authorized by the handler to move or a retrieve is commanded.

Stealing Point - A dog that steals a point makes continued movement into the area where the game is present after observing another dog on point, rather than honoring.

Stop to Flush - When a dog stops after observing the flush of a bird.

Style - The gait and manner in which a dog traverses a course.

Whoa a Dog - A command used to cause a dog to stop and stand. - The vegetation on course.

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