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Road Trip 101

If your pocket is laden with the extra cash you’ll need for gas this holiday season and you are ready to get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway, lookin’ for adventure, okay I got a little carried away. Here are some noteworthy travel tips for the road:

1. Make sure your dog is welcome at the Inn. If you are lodging in a hotel along the way or at your final destination, verify beforehand that the hotel accepts pets, and what the pet fees are, if any. Also, check to see if the hotel has any size restrictions. If you are staying with the in-laws or other family, it is best to make sure Fido is welcome.

2. Make an appointment with your dog’s veterinarian.

    Make sure you have any necessary medication your dog will need.
    You may consider having your dog micro chipped or tattooed for identification purposes.
3. Never let your pet ride unrestrained in the car. The best protection for you and your dog while in a moving vehicle is to place him/her in an approved pet carrier. Secure the carrier using your auto restraint system, so if you have an accident the carrier will not become airborne.

4. Help your dog feel at home. Take along some of your dogs familiar items, such as his or her bed, a favorite toy, food and water bowls. Use bottled water to help prevent your dog from contacting waterborne illnesses.

5. Never leave your pet unattended in the car. Temperatures in the car can reach extremes on either end of the thermometer depending on where you are traveling.

6. Bathroom Breaks. Try to keep your dog on the same bathroom schedule he or she is used to. Some dogs can go right away at a strange pit stop; others have to walk around a bit. Be patient, give the dog a chance to go, otherwise you may regret it five miles down the road. Remember to take clean up bags and paper towels in case there is an unfortunate accident.

Road Trip 101 List

Bottled Water
Collar with identification tag
Clean up bags
Food/water bowls
Paper towels and plastic resealable bags (In case you have to clean up an accident in the car and there isn’t a trash receptacle nearby)
Moist Towelettes
Sweater (if traveling to cold areas)
Photo of your pet (In the event, you and your pet become separated)