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Becoming A Responsible Breeder

Teaching X-Pen Etiquette

What in the world is Puppy X-Pen Etiquette? Are we as breeders now expected to teach our puppies manners in the X-Pen? Yes, we are. If puppies are taught X-Pen etiquette at a very young age, they will become much better mannered adults. Most breeders know well-mannered dogs have a better chance of not becoming an unwanted pet as an adult.

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Placing Your Puppies

As soon as your puppies start opening their eyes and toddling around, you should begin to notice distinct differences in their temperaments. Some puppies are more laid back, while others may resemble the Energizer Bunny«. Information you gather as they grow and mature will be helpful in placing the puppy in a home that fits.

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Puppy Vaccination Record

Vaccines are now being divided into two classes. 'Core' vaccines for dogs are those that should be given to every dog. 'Noncore' vaccines are recommended only for certain dogs. Whether to vaccinate with noncore vaccines depends upon a number of things including the age, breed, and health status of the dog, the potential exposure of the dog to an animal that has the disease, the type of vaccine and how common the disease is in the geographical area where the dog lives or may visit.

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