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Planning A Breeding

Kathy Lorentzen

Your Grand Champion girl is nearly three years old, physically and temperamentally sound and possesses all the health clearances that are appropriate for her breed. (Or you would not be considering breeding her at all, right?) With that question answered in the affirmative, at this point your thoughts turn to the whelping box and you are excited at the prospect of creating a new generation and finding your next dog show star. Where do you begin the process of finding the dog that will be the best for her as a mate?

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Basic Whelping Kit

The items on this list may not be all you will ever need when delivering a litter of puppies; but if your dog is expecting its first litter, these are items you may want to have in one location. You really don’t want to scurry all over the house hysterically searching for an item when you need to remain cool, calm and collected.

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Who's Your Daddy

As a customer service representative for the largest performance registry in the United States I have run into some really unusual questions. We try to prepare ourselves to have an accurate answer for every feasible question we may be asked. Occasionally, a customer throws you a curve ball, and no matter how educated you are on your area of expertise, you don’t have an answer.

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Normal vs Breech Birth

The birthing process can happen in many forms. As a breeder you have to be prepared for any malpresentation. Have a veterinarian on call for anything you need help with.

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