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Normal vs. Breech Birth

The birthing process can happen in many forms. As a breeder you have to be prepared for any malpresentation. Have a veterinarian on call for anything you need help with.

Two common birthing presentations are: the normal presentation and also breech presentation. Normal presentation occurs where puppies are born nose-first down the birth canal with their backs along the top of the vagina and their feet at the bottom. If a puppy is stuck in the birth canal call your veterinarian for helpful tips. You will need items listed on the Basic Whelping Kit page.

(illustration of normal birth)

The other common birthing procedure is the breech presentation, where the puppy comes down the birth canal rump first. It is so common that it is not classified as a malpresentation. It may only cause a problem in the first puppy if the head is bent. Again, if there is a problem you need help with, call your veterinarian.

(illustration of breech birth)