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December Feature Breeds

Posted under Hunting Retrievers.

12/01/2016: Registration Discounts Available: English Springer Spaniel, Boykin Spaniel, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Chinese Crested

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The 2017 UKC Coonhound Rulebooks Have Arrived!

Posted under Coonhounds.

12/01/2016: Just $5 each.

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Thanksgiving Hours

11/23/2016: The UKC office will be closed starting at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 23rd through Friday, November 25th to allow our staff to enjoy the holiday with their family and friends. We will reopen...

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Full Circle

Posted under Full Circle.

11/15/2016: Striking Wrong Dog or Dog That Has Not Opened

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Coonhound Advisor

Posted under The Coonhound Advisor.

11/15/2016: The following rules proposals were voted on at Autumn Oaks by a Rules Committee. The committee was made up of two representatives of each of the seven UKC Chartered Breed Associations.

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Current and Historical Top Producing American Pit Bull Terrier Males

Posted under Dog Events.

11/14/2016: Current and Historical Top Producing American Pit Bull Terrier Males Current - The Current Top Producers list was compiled by the United Kennel Club using all data for progeny of these males whelped...

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On Veterans Day...

11/11/2016: And every day,

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Introducing UKC Cur & Feist Program Advocates Newlin and Rosenbarger

Posted under Cur & Feist.

11/10/2016: The United Kennel Club is pleased to present Allen Rosenbarger and Joe Newlin to serve as advocates for the UKC Cur & Feist programs. Both individuals are active in this field and come with a wealth...

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Scott and Connie Hogan to Judge Winter Classic Bench Show

Posted under Coonhounds.

11/10/2016: United Kennel Club is pleased to announce that Scott and Connie Hogan of Windber, Pennsylvania will serve as the judges for the 2017 UKC Winter Classic Bench Shows. This 30th annual event will held...

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United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association National Specialty

Posted under Dog Events.

11/03/2016: United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association National Specialty Chelsea, Michigan Friday October 28 - Sunday October 30, 2016 Photo Credit, Susan Geers-Miners, Karen & Jeff Simchak, UBSDA Facebook page I...

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Performance Pack State Race Standings

Posted under Beagles.

11/02/2016: The following Performance Pack State Race standings were compiled on November 1, 2016 and reflect all reports received and processed through that date. PCH Clemens Bunny Bustin Charlotte, a...

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