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Dogs In The Workplace Etiquette

It should include:

  • Areas off-limits to dogs, especially places where sensitive equipment or products are stored, break rooms, etc.
  • Guidelines for dogs that are not spayed or neutered.
  • Require owners to keep control of their dog at all times.
  • Determine what behaviors will evict a dog, and agree upon the number of “strikes” a dog will be allowed before eviction.
  • Make sure all visiting dogs are current on vaccinations and also don’t have internal or external pests.
  • Designate an outdoor area for walking dogs.
  • Bring along baggies and equipment to clean up after dogs.
  • Designate non-dog areas to accommodate people who don't like dogs or have allergies.
  • Only allow dogs that are well-socialized to people or other dogs. Not all dogs get along.
Remember, the workplace is not a playground for your dog. If he or she begins to distract others from their work, consider banning dogs from the workplace.