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Cool Places To Travel With Your Dog

Now that you have all your travel tips, from road tripping to flying with your dog, where do you go? Well, we’re glad you asked. With a couple of clicks of the mouse on the Web, you can find all kinds of destinations that are pet-friendly. Depending on what your preference is, from the big city to the great outdoors, there is something for everyone.

For those with stars in their eyes, you can take Spot to visit his favorite movie star in Hollywood. You and your dog will enjoy a self-guided walk through the Star’s Homes. Not much of an infatuation with the stars … how about a shopping trip? In Hollywood, California, some shops in Beverly Hills will allow well-behaved, leashed dogs to visit their clothing shops. If that’s not quite what you had in mind, but you want to provide some culture and refinement: how about a trip to Napa Valley? Napa Valley of course, famous for the vineyards, is also pet-friendly. Vineyards such as Beringer Vineyard, Sullivan Vineyards and many others, welcome dogs on the grounds and some even in the tasting room, but be sure to do your research before leaving home. In addition to the fabulous vineyards, Old Faithful Geyser and the Petrified Forest are great places to enjoy with Spot.

For the city travelers …. be sure to travel to Chicago and visit Shakespeare Garden at Northwestern University for a nice walk, or attend a baseball game for Dog Day at the Park. On a Sunday afternoon take a Canine Cruise with Mercury Skyline Cruiseline. Catering specifically to you and your dogs, this cruise highlights downtown Chicago landmarks.

Still looking for more … off to New York City you go to visit the Statue of Liberty. Then take a stroll down the many avenues and dine at an outdoor restaurant such as Barking Dog Luncheonette or Grey Dog Café. Have you both eaten too much? No problem, give Pet Taxi or Pet Chauffeur a call to take you to your next destination or to your pet-friendly hotel for the day.

Okay, so none of that is really what you are looking for, so here are some basic cool places to go with your dog. We’re sure he’ll love it! It’s cheap, usually generally accessible and you always have it available. Yes, it’s the great OUTDOORS! Typically the backyard, local park or maybe even a state park, are places you would take your dog to visit. Have you ever thought about how your dog might like to see the Wild West? Yellowstone? The Grand Canyon? The Great Lakes? The Rocky Mountains? By doing some simple research you can easily find state or national parks that have paths specifically designed for you and your dog. You will want to make sure to plan ahead, as there are still some areas where your dog is not allowed.

Some additional tips to keep in mind, while traveling with your dog can be a wonderful experience, always remember to be a responsible dog owner. Always keep clean up baggies with you and clean up after your dog. Your dog should always be on a leash for his safety and your well being. So get out there and enjoy the city life or great outdoors with man’s best friend!