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A Little Canine Courtesy Can Go A Long Way

Practicing common courtesy and proper etiquette is a necessity to the dog and dog owner. Others will appreciate you for having a “polite” dog and being a responsible dog owner. Start practicing these common courtesy guidelines and you will be well on your way to becoming a responsible pet owner with a well mannered dog everyone will adore.

  • Teach your dog how to walk beside you.

    What is wrong with this picture? You take Fluffy for a walk, however you return home flustered with blistered palms from struggling with Fluffy’s leash. Fluffy is not listening. Fluffy should walk beside you. An obedience class or a dog savvy friend could really help you and Fluffy enjoy your walks.

  • Pick up after your dog in parks and other public places.

    Ever step in some one else’s dog’s feces? Bad enough to step in your own dogs, but now you have gone and stepped in someone else’s. Most people guilty of this will look around “while their dog is um, busy” to see if they have been spotted, yes, we know it’s you.

  • Respect the sign that says “Keep your dog leashed or held”.

    These signs are meant for everyone, including you. Upon entering a vet office or a pet store I am amazed how many people simply open the door and allow their dog to rush in unleashed. Be polite, read the signs and comply with them.

  • Ask first.

    A really good rule of thumb; don’t pet a dog until you have the dog owner’s permission. Also, don’t allow your dog to approach another dog without an okay from the other dog’s owner. Large dog owners are especially guilty of this. They always seem to think their large dog loves little dogs or puppies. The truth is most small dog owners don’t want a large dog looming over their small dog.

  • Thou shalt not urinate on the neighbor’s roses.

    Some neighbors put a great deal of money and labor into having a beautiful lawn and flowers. Please do not let Fido lift his leg on Mrs. Robinson’s prize winning Pink and White Ballerina rose bushes, if you do, don’t be angry when she sprays you and Fido with the water hose.

Dog ownership is both a privilege and a responsibility, and a well mannered dog and a responsible dog owner is appreciated by all.