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United Kennel Club, Inc. has always been a great friend to hunters everywhere. We are not a company that chooses to ride the fence on the issue of hunting. We believe in the right to keep and bear arms. We view the sport of hunting as a valued family tradition that is not only a great source of recreational activity but also a necessary tool in the goals of game management. UKC publicly supports all organizations that work hard to protect gun ownership and all legal forms of hunting.

We offer a wide variety of field events for all types of hunting dog enthusiasts. The events offered by the Hunting Programs Department at UKC are designed to as closely simulate an actual hunt as possible with the exception of taking of game, which is strictly prohibited. Dogs compete, sometimes individually and sometimes in a group depending on the event, for points towards Championship and Grand Championship titles. All UKC Hunting program Events are designed around a family atmosphere where owners are not only encouraged to handle their own dog, but in some cases, specific provisions against professional handlers are in place.

Please visit our various hunting programs listed above to learn more about the wide variety of field events that UKC makes available for hunting dog enthusiasts. Celebrate your hunting heritage by joining us with your dog in the great outdoors.

Above: Video highlights from the 2014 Coonhound World Championship Finals in Montpelier, Ohio.

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09/09/2014: Video highlights from the 2014 Don McVay Sr. Memorial Hunt in West Lafayette, Ohio.... View.

09/04/2014: Video highlights from the 2014 Autumn Oaks in Richmond, Indiana.... View.

08/21/2014: Video highlights from the 2014 National Plott Hound Days in Adams, Tennessee.... View.

All-Star Series Standings

09/30/2014: The latest update includes three Bonus Points Events; the Don Sr. McVay Memorial, the Prunty Classic and the UKC World Championship. Nestle` Purina. Sponsor of the UKC All-Star...

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Tailgate Talk

09/29/2014: This month, we will be talking about evaluating performance, and how Hunt Tests aid the everyday breeder in selecting stock with proven and certified ability. All of us, as hunters and houndsmen, are...

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Thoughts On A Good Man

09/29/2014: Everyone hopes they will leave behind some fond memories when they pass from this life. One person who most certainly did was former UKC Field Rep and Treeing Walker breeder, James “Jim” Simpson, a...

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