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Weight Pull

Photo courtesy of Mark Sturtz

Does your dog pull you along the sidewalk every time you take him for a walk? Does your shoulder ache from your dog’s constant straining at his leash? Well, your dog might be a star at Weight Pull! Weight Pull Events give dogs an opportunity to perform a function that comes naturally to many dogs, one that they obviously enjoy. Dogs use a harness to pull a weighted cart a prescribed distance within one minute. The weight vehicles operate either on wheels, on snow or on a rail system. The dogs work toward earning titles based on how much weight they pull in proportion to their body weight so from the smallest to the largest, all dogs can compete. Never count out even the tiniest of dogs in this exciting competition!

Have a mix bred dog, purebred dog of unknown pedigree or purebred dog with disqualifying faults? You can still compete in Weight Pull! Click here for more information.

Photo courtesy of Mark Sturtz

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