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Performance Pedigree Title Abbreviations

UKC issues a unique Performance Pedigree with each registration certificate. For each dog in the pedigree, up to four generations, the Performance Pedigree displays the coat color, the number of offspring produced, the titles earned by those offspring and the number of offspring that earned each title.

Due to the amount of data being presented on the pedigree the titles are abbreviated.

AbbreviationTitle DescriptionEvent Type
A1United Agility IAgility
A2United Agility IIAgility
ABAdvanced ContainerNosework
ACUnited Agility ChampionAgility
AEAdvanced ExteriorNosework
AHDAdvanced Handler DiscriminationNosework
AIAdvanced InteriorNosework
ALCCHAltered Conformation ChampionAltered Conformation (Coonhounds, Beagles, Cur/Feists)
ALCHAltered ChampionAltered Conformation
ALGCCAltered Conformation Grand ChampionAltered Conformation (Coonhounds, Beagles, Cur/Feists)
ALGCHAltered Grand ChampionAltered Conformation
AMCHNSTRA Amateur ChampionNSTRA Pointing Dog
ANAdvanced NoseworkNosework
AOBProtection Alert ObedienceDog Sports (Discontinued)
AVAdvanced VehicleNosework
AXUnited Agility Champion ExcellentAgility
BCHunting Beagle ChampionBeagle Hunt
CACoursing AptitudeLure Coursing
CASUnited Coursing Aptitude SupremeLure Coursing
CAXCoursing Aptitude ExcellentLure Coursing
CCBLure Coursing Champion - BreedLure Coursing
CCHConformation ChampionConformation (Coonhounds, Beagles, Cur/Feists)
CCMLure Coursing Champion - MixedLure Coursing
CDUnited Companion DogObedience
CDXUnited Companion Dog ExcellentObedience
CGRCHConformation Grand ChampionConformation (Coonhounds, Beagles, Cur/Feists)
CHNSTRA ChampionNSTRA Pointing Dog
CHFChampion Of The FieldPointing Dog
CTCoursing TestedLure Coursing
CTSCoursing Tested SupremeLure Coursing
CTXCoursing Tested ExcellentLure Coursing
EBElite ContainerNosework
ECEarth Work ChampionEarth Work Hunting (Discontinued)
EEElite ExteriorNosework
EHDExcellent Handler DiscriminationNosework
EIElite InteriorNosework
EIIEarth Working Dog IIEarth Work Hunting (Discontinued)
ENElite NoseworkNosework
EVElite VehicleNosework
EWDIEarth Working Dog IEarth Work Hunting (Discontinued)
F.CHUFTA Field ChampionUFTA Pointing Dog
FCField ChampionCoonhound Field Trial
FOFamily ObedienceDog Sports (Discontinued)
GACUnited Grand Agility ChampionAgility
GBGrand Hunting Beagle ChampionBeagle Hunt
GFGrand Field ChampionCoonhound Field Trial
GHGrand Hunting Retriever ChampionHunting Retriever
GJJCHGrand Junior Jumper ChampionDock Jumping
GMJCHGrand Master Jumper ChampionDock Jumping
GNGrand Nite ChampionCoonhound Nite Hunt
Cur/Feist Coon Hunt
GNJCHGrand Novice Jumper ChampionDock Jumping
GOCUnited Grand Obedience ChampionObedience
GQGrand Squirrel ChampionCur/Feist Squirrel Hunt
GCBGrand Lure Coursing Champion-BreedLure Coursing
GCMGrand Lure Coursing Champion-MixedLure Coursing
GRCHFGrand Champion Of The FieldPointing Dog
GRECHGrand Earth Work ChampionEarth Work Hunting(Discontinued)
GRPCHGrand Performance Pack ChampionBeagle Performance Pack
GRUVCGrand Radical Ultimate Vertical ChampDock Jumping
GSGrand Show ChampionCoonhound Bench Show
Bench Show
Cur / Feist Bench Show
GSFCHUnited Grand Supreme Fetch It ChampDock Jumping
GSJCHGrand Senior Jumper ChampionDock Jumping
GSUVCGrand Supreme Ultimate Vertical ChampDock Jumping
GTGrand Tree ChampionCur/Feist Treeing Contest (Discontinued)
GUFCHUnited Grand Ultimate Fetch It ChampDock Jumping
GUJCHGrand Ultimate Jumper ChampionDock Jumping
GUNGun DogPointing Dog
GWGrand Water ChampionCoonhound Water Race
GWPC1United Grand Weight Pull Champion 1Weight Pull
GWPCHUnited Grand Weight Pull ChampionWeight Pull
HCHunting Retriever ChampionHunting Retriever
HRHunting RetrieverHunting Retriever
HTXHunt Test ExcellentCoonhound Licensed Hunt Test
HUNTHuntPointing Dog
MBMaster ContainerNosework
MEMaster ExteriorNosework
MIMaster InteriorNosework
MNMaster NoseworkNosework
MVMaster VehicleNosework
NBNovice ContainerNosework
NBCNational Grand Hunting Beagle ChampBeagle Hunt
NBOBNational Best of BreedConformation
NCNite ChampionCoonhound Nite Hunt
Cur/Feist Coon Hunt
NENovice ExteriorNosework
NF.CHUFTA National Field ChampionUFTA Pointing Dog
NGNational Grand Show ChampionCoonhound Bench Show
NGRCNational Grand Show ChampionBeagle Bench Show
NGRNCNational Grand Nite ChampionCoonhound Nite Hunt
NHDNovice Handler DiscriminationNosework
NINovice InteriorNosework
NNNovice NoseworkNosework
NTLCHNSTRA National ChampionNosework
NVNovice VehicleNosework
OB1Protection 1 ObedienceDog Sports (Discontinued)
OB2Protection 2 ObedienceDog Sports (Discontinued)
OB3Protection 3 ObedienceDog Sports (Discontinued)
OBPD1Police Dog 1 ObedienceDog Sports (Discontinued)
OBPD2Police Dog 2 ObedienceDog Sports (Discontinued)
OCUnited Obedience ChampionObedience
P1Protection 1Dog Sports (Discontinued)
P2Protection 2Dog Sports (Discontinued)
P3Protection 3Dog Sports (Discontinued)
PAProtection AlertDog Sports (Discontinued)
PCHPerformance Pack ChampionBeagle Performance Pack
PD1Police Dog 1Dog Sports (Discontinued)
PD2Police Dog 2Dog Sports (Discontinued)
PTAPre-Trial AdvancedNosework
PTEPre-Trial EliteNosework
PTMPre-Trial MasterNosework
PTNPre-Trial NoviceNosework
PTSPre-Trial SuperiorNosework
RATCBarn Hunt ChampionBarn Hunt
RATMMaster Barn HuntBarn Hunt
RATNNovice Barn HuntBarn Hunt
RATOOpen Barn HuntBarn Hunt
RATSSenior Barn HuntBarn Hunt
RATXBarn Hunt Champion ExcellentBarn Hunt
REGCHNSTRA Regional ChampionNSTRA Pointing Dog
RNFCHUFTA Reserve National Field ChampionUFTA Pointing Dog
RNTLCNSTRA Runner Up National ChampionNSTRA Pointing Dog
RUVCHRadical Ultimate Vertical ChampionDock Jumping
SBSuperior ContainerNosework
SCShow ChampionCoonhoundBench Show
Beagle Bench Show
Cur / Feist Bench Show
SESuperior ExteriorNosework
SISuperior InteriorNosework
SNSuperior NoseworkNosework
SQSquirrel ChampionCur/Feist Squirrel Hunt
SGCSupreme Grand Coursing ChampionLure Coursing
STStarted Hunting RetrieverHunting Retriever
SUVCHSupreme Ultimate Vertical ChampionDock Jumping
SVSuperior VehicleNosework
TANNatural Ability TestPointing Dog
TRTrialerPointing Dog
TRCHTree ChampionCur/Feist Treeing Contest (Discontinued)
UDUnited Utility DogObedience
UDXUnited Utility Dog ExcellentObedience
UFAUnited Flat Racing Aptitude TestTerrier Racing - Drag Racing
UFCHUnited Flat Race ChampionTerrier Racing - Drag Racing
UFGCHUnited Flat Race Grand ChampionTerrier Racing - Drag Racing
UFRUnited Flat RacerTerrier Racing - Drag Racing
UHUpland HunterHunting Retriever
UJJUnited Junior JumperDock Jumping
UJJCHUnited Junior Jumper ChampionDock Jumping
UMJUnited Master JumperDock Jumping
UMJCHUnited Master Jumper ChampionDock Jumping
UNJUnited Novice JumperDock Jumping
UNJCHUnited Novice Jumper ChampionDock Jumping
URO1United Rally Obedience 1Rally Obedience
URO2United Rally Obedience 2Rally Obedience
URO3United Rally Obedience 3Rally Obedience
UROCUnited Rally Obedience ChampionRally Obedience
UROGUnited Rally Obedience Grand ChampRally Obedience
URUVUnited Radical Ultimate VerticalDock Jumping
URXUnited Rally Obedience ExcellentRally Obedience
USAUnited Steeplechase Racing Aptitude TestTerrier Racing - Drag Racing
USCHUnited Steeplechase ChampionTerrier Racing - Drag Racing
USFCHUnited Supreme Fetch It ChampionDock Jumping
USFUnited Supreme Fetch ItDock Jumping
USGCHUnited Steeplechase Grand ChampionTerrier Racing - Drag Racing
USJUnited Senior JumperDock Jumping
USJCHUnited Senior Jumper ChampionDock Jumping
USRUnited Steeplechase RacerTerrier Racing - Drag Racing
USUVUnited Supreme Ultimate VerticalDock Jumping
UUFCHUnited Ultimate Fetch It ChampionDock Jumping
UUFUnited Ultimate Fetch ItDock Jumping
UUJUnited Ultimate JumperDock Jumping
UUJCHUnited Ultimate Jumper ChampionDock Jumping
UWPNCUnited Weight Pull National CH Div2Weight Pull (Discontinued Title)
WBWorld Hunting Beagle ChampionBeagle Hunt
WCWater ChampionCoonhound Water Race
WDPCHWorld Performance Pack ChampionBeagle Performance Pack
WNWorld Nite ChampionCoonhound Nite Hunt
WPUnited Weight PullerWeight Pull
WPCUnited Weight Pull ChampionWeight Pull
WPOUnited WP OutstandingWeight Pull
WPPNCUnited Weight Pull National Ch Div1Weight Pull (Discontinued Title)
WPSUnited WP SupremeWeight Pull
WPVUnited WP VersatileWeight Pull
WPXUWPCH ExcellentWeight Pull
WSWorld Show ChampionCoonhound Bench Show

Beagle Bench Show

WSQDCWorld Squirrel Dog ChampionCur/Feist Squirrel Hunt