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What titles can you earn at UKC?

Events Licensed through the Dog Events Department
      UGRACH1 – United Grand Agility Champion 1 (A UGRACH title will be issued with the designation in accordance with the numerical times the title has been earned)
      UGRACH – United Grand Agility Champion
      UACHX – United Agility Champion Excellent
      UACH – United Agility Champion
      UAGII – United Agility II
      UAGI – United Agility I
    Conformation (excludes mixed breeds)
      NBOB – National Best of Breed (for American Eskimos, American Pit Bull Terriers, Belgian Shepherd Dogs, Epagneul Bretons, Israel Caanan Dogs, Lousiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs, Rat Terriers, Toy Fox Terriers, awarded at their National Specialty)
      NGRCH – National Grand Champion (for American Eskimos, American Pit Bull Terriers and Toy Fox Terriers awarded at their National Specialty)
      GRCH – Grand Champion
      CGRCH – Grand Conformation Champion (for Coonhounds and Beagles)
      CH – Champion
      CCH – Champion (for Coonhounds and Beagles)
      Altered Conformation (excludes mixed breeds)
      ALGRCH – Altered Grand Champion
      ALCH – Altered Champion
    Dock Jumping (Air Dog)
    Distance Jumping (Ultimate Air) Titles:
      Initial Distance Jumping Title:
        UNJ - United Novice Jumper
        UJJ - United Junior Jumper
        USJ - United Senior Jumper
        UMJ - United Master Jumper
        UUJ - United Ultimate Jumper
      United Distance Jumping Champion Title:
        UNJCH - United Novice Jumper Champion
        UJJCH - United Junior Jumper Champion
        USJCH - United Senior Jumper Champion
        UMJCH - United Master Jumper Champion
        UUJCH - United Ultimate Jumper Champion
      Grand Distance Jumping Champion Titles:
        GNJCH - Grand Novice Jumper Champion
        GJJCH - Grand Junior Jumper Champion
        GSJCH - Grand Senior Jumper Champion
        GMJCH - Grand Master Jumper Champion
        GUJCH - Grand Ultimate Jumper Champion
    Ultimate Vertical Titles:
      Initial Ultimate Vertical Titles:
        USUV - United Supreme Ultimate Vertical
        URUV - United Radical Ultimate Vertical
      United Ultimate Vertical Champion Title:
        USUVCH - United Supreme Ultimate Vertical Champion
        URUVCH - United Radical Ultimate Vertical Champion
      Ultimate Vertical Grand Champion Title:
        GSUVCH - United Grand Supreme Ultimate Vertical Champion
        GRUVCH - United Grand Radical Ultimate Vertical Champion
    Lure Coursing
      SCC – Supreme Coursing Champion
      GRCCB – Grand Lure Coursing Champion-Breed
      GRCCM – Grand Lure Coursing Champion-Mixed
      CCB – Lure Coursing Champion-Breed
      CCM – Lure Coursing Champion-Mixed
      CT – Coursing Tested
      CAX – Coursing Aptitude Excellent
      CA – Coursing Aptitude
      GOCH – United Grand Obedience Champion
      UOCH – United Obedience Champion
      UUD – United Utility Dog
      UCDX – United Companion Dog Excellent
      UCD – United Companion Dog
    Rally Obedience
      UROG – United Rally Obedience Grand Champion
      URX – United Rally Obedience Excellent
      UROC – United Rally Obedience Champion
      URO3 – United Rally Obedience 3
      URO2 – United Rally Obedience 2
      URO1 – United Rally Obedience 1
    Terrier Racing
      USCH – United Steeplechase Champion
      USR – United Steeplechase Racer
      UFGCH- United Grand Champion Flat Racer
    Flat Race
      UFCH – United Flat Race Champion
      UFR – United Flat Racer
      USGCH- United Grand Champion Steeplechase
    Weight Pull
      UGWPC1 – United Grand Weight Pull Champion 1
      UGWPCH – United Grand Weight Pull Champion
      UWPCHX – United Weight Pull Champion Excellent
      UWPCH – United Weight Pull Champion
      UWP – United Weight Puller
      UWPS – United Weight Pull Champion Supreme
      UWPO – United Weight Pull Champion Outstanding
      UWPV – United Weight Pull Champion Versatile

Beagle Events
    Hunting Beagle Event
      WORLDHBCH – World Hunting Beagle Champion (awarded at Hunting Beagle World Championship)
      GRHBCH – Grand Hunting Beagle Champion
      HBCH – Hunting Beagle Champion
    Bench Show
      WSHOWCH – Hunting Beagle World Show Champion (awarded at Hunting Beagle World Championship)
      GRCH – Grand Show Champion
      CH – Show Champion
    Performance Pack Hunting Event
      WORLDPCH – World Performance Pack Champion (awarded at the Hunting Beagle World Performance Pack Championship)
      GRPCH – Grand Performance Pack Champion
      PCH – Performance Pack Champion

Coonhound Events
    Bench Show
      WSHOWCH – World Show Champion (awarded at World Coonhound Championship)
      NGRCH – National Grand Show Champion (awarded at Autumn Oaks)
      GRCH – Grand Show Champion
      CH – Show Champion
    Field Trial
      GRFCH – Grand Field Champion
      FCH – Field Champion
    Hunt Test
      HTX – Hunt Test Excellence
    Nite Hunt
      WLDNITECH – World Nite Hunt Champion (awarded at World Coonhound Championship)
      NGRNC – National Grand Nite Champion (awarded at Autumn Oaks)
      GRNITECH – Grand Nite Champion
      NITECH – Nite Champion
    Water Race
      GRWCH – Grand Water Champion
      WCH – Water Champion

Cur/Feist Events
    Bench Show
      GRCH – Grand Show Champion
      CH – Show Champion
    Coon Hunt
      GRNITECH – Grand Nite Champion
      NITECH – Nite Champion
    Squirrel Hunt
      GRSQCH – Grand Squirrel Champion
      SQCH – Squirrel Champion
    Treeing Contest
      GRTCH – Grand Tree Champion
      TCH – Tree Champion

Hunting Retriever Events
    Hunt Test
      GRHRCH – Grand Hunting Retriever Champion
      HRCH – Hunting Retriever Champion
      HR – Hunting Retriever
      SHR – Started Hunting Retriever
      UH – Upland Hunter

Pointing Dog Events
    Field Trial
      GRCHF – Grand Champion of the Field
      CHF – Champion of the Field
      TR – Trialer
      GUN – Gundog
      HUNT – 1st Level Gundog
      TAN – Natural Ability