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UKC Nosework Clubs

Club Requirements

A Nosework cIub must have a minimum of 10 working members to apply.

At least 5 of the 10 members must have and be able to document prior Nosework experience.

Experience includes, but is not limited to attending seminars, earning titles in other Nosework organizations, volunteering at other Nosework events, and attending Nosework training classes.

Having 5 or more members showing involvement and continuous activity in Nosework over time will be considered over several (5 or more) members having only an initial exposure to Nosework.

When applying to host Nosework with the United Kennel Club a club must submit the following information:

Equipment that must be provided to UKC for approval:

• Scent/odor kit/all scents and odors
• Scent Containers - plastic or metal sealed container with air holes to allow scent to be released into the area. Scent containers may be magnetic or have magnets attached to them. The club will be required to have a minimum of 25 scent containers.

Documentation for equipment can be sent in the form of images or photographs either electronic or hard copy. Equipment must be submitted with the club's application for approval.

Questions?? Please email clubs@ukcdogs.com