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New Event Incentive (NEI) Program

Currently active clubs that wish to add new events to their current shows will be given the following incentive for the each additional event applied and approved for: (Clubs must meet all licensing requirements for the event in which they would like to add.)

If the club fails to apply for or schedule an event by the application deadline date in any phase of the NCI or NEI process, the club will relinquish any and all discounts or programs they may have been eligible for as a new UKC club or an existing club that has added an event. All events must be scheduled following the normal scheduling process and must be applied for by the Deadline Date described in the Official UKC Rules For Dog Events. Deadline Dates are approximately 24 weeks in advance of the event date. Standard late fees, plus all licensing fees will be owed to UKC to schedule the event being requested after this date.

To be eligible:

Clubs must not have offered the NEW event at any time in the past.


1. Licensing fee: WAIVED (Limit 4 events)
2. Clubs will be allowed freedom to choose how to apply the waived fees up to the max limit.
3. Must meet the licensing requirements for the event being applied for before the event will be scheduled.

Conformation Clubs:

1. Adding (1) new performance event. May hold from 1-4 events in one weekend.
2. Licensing fees waived. (Max $180/Max Nosework $320)
3. Only one new type of event per weekend will be allowed.

Performance Clubs:

1. Adding a conformation event may add from 1-4 conformation shows in one weekend.
2. Licensing fees waived (Max $320.) To be eligible for the New Event Incentive a club must not have been licensed for the event type being requested at any time in the past.

Requirements To Add a New Event License:

1. A Club Officer must contact UKC in writing expressing interest in adding a new event type. In this request the club should outline the membership’s experience in the event in which it would like to become licensed for. Please send requests to clubs@ukcdogs.com.

2. The club must have at least 3 people in its membership who have experience in the new event license being requested. Experience also includes but is not limited to working as a steward (especially table steward), event secretary, chairperson or any other member of the event committee. The request must include how often the qualified members have participated in the capacity listed.

3. It is strongly encouraged that a minimum of 3 members have earned at least the first level title in the event license being applied for. Clubs who meet this qualification will be considered over clubs who do not meet this qualification. Clubs who do not meet this minimum title requirement may be asked to fulfill this requirement before being approved for the new event license.

4. Provide information about the club’s understanding of the UKC Rules regarding the event type being applied for and describe the clubs ability to host this type of event.

5. Provide information regarding the required equipment to hold the event type. Any equipment utilized by the club must meet all UKC rules and standards for that particular event's equipment. If the club does not own its own equipment, it may contract with another club that has UKC approved equipment which can be used. A copy of this contract must be submitted with the written request to add an event license.

If UKC accepts and approves the above information then the club will be required to host a UKC non-licensed Match for this new event. This will allow UKC to verify that the club does have the experience and knowledge to hold a successful event. Once all of the above requirements have been met and the club’s UKC Match has been reviewed and approved, the club may be moved into the Provisional licensing status and may apply for the new event following the normal scheduling procedures.