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Lure Coursing

Is your dog a star at bunny chasing? How about those pesky squirrels? If your dogs lives to chase the creatures of the wild, check out UKC Lure Coursing.

Racing across a field free as the wind in the quest of an artificial lure, it doesn't get any better than that!

Lure Coursing is a performance event in which dogs chase an artificial lure around a predetermined course. Dogs are evaluated based on speed, agility and endurance. UKC Licensed Lure Coursing Meets, or Regular Stakes, are open to all Sighthound and Pariah Group breeds, as well as the Italian Greyhound, which is in the Companion Dog Group. Coursing Aptitude Tests are open to all breeds and all mixed breed dogs with a UKC Performance Listing number. If your dog loves to run free and chase moving targets, this is the sport for you!

Photos courtesy of Pamela Bennett

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