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The Junior Program

The purpose of the UKC« Junior Program is to encourage young handlers to become fully involved with the world of dogs, by encouraging participation in conformation and performance events, breeding dogs, and promoting responsible dog ownership. The unofficial UKC motto is “Our Dogs Do Stuff™.” One very important goal of this program is to encourage UKC« Juniors to embrace this philosophy.

The UKC« Junior Program is intended to promote the achievements of Junior Members, to reward both participation and excellence in various aspects of the sport of dogs, and to establish uniform requirements for judging junior competitors. Juniors will be given specific recognition for participation in Junior Showmanship, Obedience, Agility and Rally Obedience events.

When competing in any UKC Licensed event, all Junior Members are subject to the Rules & Regulations of that event and all other applicable UKC rules. Good sportsmanship is an integral part of this program and poor sportsmanship will be penalized. Proper and humane training methods will also are emphasized in all aspects of competition.

In addition; Junior Members are encouraged to seek help from experienced breeders, exhibitors, trainers, or former Junior Members. They may gain information on their chosen events and specific breed by observing those who are judging at UKC licensed shows. Junior Members are strongly encouraged to get involved in a local dog club.

Glossary of Conformation Terms

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