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All UKC licensed conformation judges must attend a UKC Judges Seminar every five years. For additional information on the scheduled conformation seminars, contact UKC Dog Events Department – (269) 343-9020 or judges@ukcdogs.com.

KALAMAZOO, Michigan, Nov., 24, 2015 – Starting in 2017, all UKC Conformation and Bench Show Judges will see a new wave of UKC Judges Education Seminars available to fulfill judging requirements. To allow for this restructuring of the UKC Judges Education Seminar syllabus, UKC announces a year-long recess in 2016 for all UKC Judges Education Seminars.

In an effort to provide continuing education for all UKC judges, as well as endeavoring to ensure the uniformity of the UKC judging format across all UKC Conformation and Bench Show event types, we have in the past provided Judges Education Seminars to that end. UKC Judges Education Seminars serve to advance our Judges’ mastery of the UKC judging process. Understanding that judges are UKC ambassadors, experienced in the breeds presented to them and in the events they oversee, our goal is always to encourage a uniform and knowledgeable assembly of individuals. UKC aims to provide our judges with the resources necessary for conscientious resolve in the choices they make while representing UKC in the ring.

With this in mind, we are excited to announce an overhaul of the UKC Judges Education Seminar circuit. It has long been UKC’s goal to have this highly important information more widely accessible. UKC’s objective is to assist our judges in expanding their extensive knowledge base by improving the availability of UKC Judges Education Seminars. The seminar content currently in development will serve to broaden the scope of each seminar’s dialogue and bolster judge proficiency.

Due to the augmentation of the UKC Judges Education Seminar curriculum, please note the hiatus of the Judges Education Seminar circuit for 2016 to allow for the reinvention and reevaluation of this program. For more information, please contact either the Dog Events Department at
judges@ukcdogs.com or UKC Field Operations by emailing hounds@ukcdogs.com. Stayed tuned for details about the launch of an updated UKC Judges Education Seminar lesson plan in the near future. We look forward to having you join us as we explore the many new possibilities for UKC Judges Education Seminars!