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Judging and Exhibiting FAQ’s

Q: Can I show my dog the day before my Conformation assignment at a show that is not in the same place or connected to the same club as my judging assignment?

    A: Yes. The conflict rule only applies to the clubs and events within the scheduled weekend as your assignment.

Q: Can someone else show my dog in Conformation the day before I am assigned to judge conformation classes?

    A: Not if it is in conjunction with the scheduled weekend of your assignment. If it is another location and club entirely, your dog could be entered and shown by someone else.

Q: Can my dog be entered and shown in Conformation by someone else on the same day as my conformation judging assignment?

    A: No, not if the event is in conjunction with the scheduled weekend of your assignment.

Q: If there are two clubs hosting events during the same weekend, can I show my dog in Conformation on Saturday and judge conformation classes on Sunday?

    A: No. While it is two separate clubs, they are within the scheduled weekend of your assignment, and you may not show your dog in Conformation on any day preceding your conformation judging assignment.

Q: If I hold both a conformation license and a license in a performance event, which rules do I go by if I want to enter my dog in any of the shows that I am assigned to judge in a scheduled weekend?

    A: You follow the rules as they apply to the event which you are scheduled to judge.

Q: If my conformation judging assignment is on Saturday, can I enter my dog in Conformation on Sunday?

    A: Yes! You may enter your dog in Conformation any day after your Conformation judging assignment.

Q: What if I am entered in an event and I am also judging, and I have a conflict with my judging assignment?

    A: If you have entered an event, and you are also judging on the same day, and you know that you will have a conflict, you must find an eligible handler for your dog or forfeit your entry and fulfill and/or complete your assignment. Your judging assignment takes priority over any entry you may have made for your own dogs.

Q: Can I ask the club to schedule an event I want to enter around my judging assignment?

    A: No. The club is free to schedule all of their events in the manner in which they choose. No judge may delay or re-schedule an event for a different time or ask the club to delay or re-schedule an event for a different time to accommodate a judge who wishes to show their dog. When entering any event on the same day you are judging, you must be prepared to forfeit your entry, if necessary, and assume this risk before deciding to enter.

Q: I have a Conformation judging assignment for a whole weekend, but I want to enter my dog in Obedience during this weekend at the same event. Can I do that?

    A: Yes! You can enter any performance event the day before, the day of, or the day after your conformation judging assignment!

Q: I am a performance judge. Can I show my dog in Conformation in the same weekend that I am scheduled to judge?

    A: Yes! You can enter your dog in a conformation event any day of the weekend, including the day you are scheduled to judge.

Q: Do performance events still need back-up judges?

    A: Yes. If a performance judge would like to enter the event in which they are judging, the back-up judge system must be in place.

Q: I am an Obedience judge, and my back-up judge is the Rally judge in the afternoon. I am serving as her back-up judge in Rally. Am I eligible for awards and/or placements in the rally trial?

    A: Yes! You can earn placements and awards in the Rally Trial even though you were the head judge for the Obedience Trial earlier in the day.

Q: I am the Chief/Head judge in an obedience trial and I will be using the back-up judge system to compete in the obedience trial, am I eligible for awards and placements now?

    A: No. Chief/Head judges competing in the same trial in which they are using a back-up judge are not eligible for any awards or placements in that trial.

Q: My daughter wants to show her own dog at the same event where I am scheduled to judge. Can she enter any of the days?

    A: Yes. Dogs owned by a judge's immediate family and/or household member can be shown in any event, on any day of the weekend the judge is scheduled to judge. They may not, however, be shown in any event type that the judge is assigned to judge on the same day, with the exception of using the back-up judge system in the performance events.