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Finding a UKC Event

Ok, so you think you are ready to enter your first show and you are wondering how to locate a show in your area. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can locate your first show and gather all the information needed to enter.

Select the type of event you're interested in:

On the page that comes up you will find events listed by month and location. The events are generally listed up to about four months in advance for general dog events and two months for our hunting programs.

Click on the event in your area, you will find all of the details for the show such as club name, location; including directions, breeds invited, cost of entries and contact information. You will also see the names of Judges who will actually judge the event along with any other information you may need.

If you are a little overwhelmed, here is a handy glossary that explains event listings.

If you are already a member of a local kennel club or know someone who may be interested in showing, be brave and ask them to share the ride and adventure. You may soon have a life long show buddy. So, have fun hitting the trail to your first show and good luck!