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How Do I Enter A Show?

Once you’ve located a show to exhibit at, entering is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

First check the event to see if the club is offering the options of pre-entry and day-of-show entry.

Second, decide if you want to pre-enter the event (usually entry fees are discounted for pre-entry, and we recommend pre-entry) or if your plans are uncertain for that weekend you may enter day-of-show (see upcoming events listing for times.)

Third, print the appropriate UKC Official Entry Form here. Complete the form, making your check payable to the club/event manager as listed in the upcoming events information. Finally, mail the entry and check it to the Event Secretary/Manager listed on the club’s event.

Enjoy the event!


Example of a filled out entry form (click for a larger image):

Left Column (click for larger image):

Right Column (click for larger image):