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Steve Corbin and Rico

Steve and his gorgeous three and a half year old Dogo Argentino Rico reside in Plainwell, Michigan. Rico makes for a striking image on the dock, and is proof that any breed, any size dog can have fun in the sport of Dock Jumping!

How did you get into the sport of dock jumping?

I learned about the sport through a friend who was already into it.

How long have you been competing in the sport of dock jumping?

We’ve been competing for almost three years, since 2005. The Cherry Festival 2005 in Traverse City, MI was our first event.

What do you do to train for dock jumping?

Thankfully, we have a friend who lets Rico and I borrow his dock to practice on. We also train at local lakes in the area.

What attracted you to the sport of dock jumping?

The people, fun, excitement, and most of all ...the dogs!

What is your dog’s favorite throw toy?

It is a toss up between a pig ear and an Air Kong. One he’ll bring back and one he’ll eat!

What other activities do you do with your dog?

He is a tracker a (blood trailer) with a fantastic nose, as he has assisted in deer recovery for the handicapped with some awesome success.

Any advice for others who want to get into this sport?

Just do it... get wet, its great! You and your dog find some water and jump in. Throw a toy and tell him to go get it. After that it’s all about having a blast!

Anything else you would like to add….

I have seen spectators come and watch, the next thing you know, they are back with their dog having a good time. Since our very first jump I am still trying to figure it out—who’s having more fun the people or the dogs?!

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