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Event Advocates
UKC Event Advocates mentor clubs and give them personal assistance in setting up an event, sorting out entries, advising on how to organize the judges books, organizing results sent in to the UKC and much more.
List Of Breeds And Breed Codes
An alphabetic list of all of our breeds and their corresponding breed codes.

Event Managers
An Event Manager is a person who is licensed by UKC and is eligible for a club to hire to do all or part of the processes to hold a UKC event. Event Managers and their duties are similar to hiring a superintendent for a club's event.
Club NewslettersNew UKC Clubs And Provisional Clubs Licensing Procedures
New Club Incentive Program (NCI)
The New Club Incentive program is designed to aid clubs in building their treasuries for future event by forgiving the club's first event's licening and recording fees depending on the criteria the club meets in the program.

New Event Incentive Program (NEI)
The New Event Incentive program is available to active, existing clubs that host new events,áwhich have been approved to license the new eventáand have not been offered the New Club Incentive in the past

Club News

Nosework Comes to the United Kennel Club!

07/01/2014: Nosework Comes to the United Kennel...

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Nosework Comes to the United Kennel Club!

01/02/2014: The United Kennel Club is very happy to bring you this much anticipated announcement. The UKC Dog Events Department will be officially licensing UKC Nosework events beginning January 1, 2015

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New Procedures for TL Numbers

12/20/2012: New Procedures for TL...

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