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2013 Carolina Classic

Event Committee

Event Chairperson: Melissa B. Kidd, Phone: 336-442-3807,
Email: mabkidd@triad.rr.com
Chief Ring Steward: Kathie Treacy
RV Parking and Vendor: Melissa Kidd
Site Chairperson: Melissa B. Kidd
Hospitality: Jo Trapp
Judges Transportation: Melissa Kidd

Event Secretary (Day of Show & Event Management):
Cathy Nelson, 15815 Township Glen LN, Cypress TX 77433,
832-603-2957, nelscat5@gmail.com
Day of Show contact number: 336-442-3807; mabkidd@triad.rr.com
Event Superintendent – PRE-ENTRIES ONLY:
United Kennel Club, Inc.
PO Box 39, Portage MI 49081-0039, (269) 343-9020
(269) 349-5590 (fax)

March 29-31, 2013

All events held at the Hickory Metro
Convention Center (HMCC)
Hickory, North Carolina

Hosted by the American Hairless
Terrier Association (AHTA)

5 UKC Licensed Multi-Breed
Conformation Shows
5 UKC Licensed Multi-Breed
Altered Conformation Shows
1 Obedience Trial, 3 Rally Obedience Trials,
5 Terrier Races & 3 Weight Pulls

Temporary Listing Numbers
will be available at these events.

All Events, crating, grooming and vendors
will be inside the event building.
Per UKC rules, please keep all
grooming to a minimum.


    Conformation – Licensed Regular Events and Licensed Altered Events

    Group Judging will immediately follow upon the completion of the breed judging for the specific group. All breeds within a group will be judged alphabetically but is subject to change at the event committee’s discretion. Breed order will be posted at ringside as soon as possible after the close of entries.

    Best In Multi-Breed Show Judges to be announced day of show. Note: Judging of breeds will be alphabetical within each Group. Order of Groups will be determined by the Club.

    Guardian DogNina Marie Sherrer
    ScenthoundSue Phillips
    Sighthound & Pariah DogSue Phillips
    Gun DogLew Olson
    Northern DogsNina Marie Sherrer
    Herding DogLew Olson
    Belgian Shepherd Dog (BSD)Not offered
    TerrierPam Perdue
    Companion DogSue Phillips
    Junior ShowmanshipNina Sherrer
    ObedienceNot offered
    Rally ObedienceMary King
    Terrier RacingJohn NelsonJohn Nelson
    Weight PullDina Davis
    Guardian DogSue PhillipsPam Perdue
    ScenthoundPam PerdueLew Olson
    Sighthound & Pariah DogPam PerdueLew Olson
    Gun DogMichelle Blackowl-ChavezNina Sherrer
    Northern DogsSue PhillipsPam Perdue
    Herding DogMichelle Blackowl-ChavezNina Sherrer
    Belgian Shepherd Dog (BSD)Not offeredNot offered
    TerrierLew OlsonMichelle Blackowl-Chavez
    Companion DogPam PerdueLew Olson
    Junior ShowmanshipSue PhillipsPam Perdue
    ObedienceMary KingNot offered
    Rally ObedienceMary KingNot offered
    Terrier RacingJohn NelsonJohn Nelson
    Weight PullDina Davis
    Guardian DogLew OlsonMichelle Blackowl-Chavez
    ScenthoundMichelle Blackowl-ChavezNina Sherrer
    Sighthound & Pariah DogMichelle Blackowl-ChavezNina Sherrer
    Gun DogSue PhillipsPam Perdue
    Northern DogsLew OlsonMichelle Blackowl-Chavez (except AE)
    Herding DogSue PhillipsPam Perdue
    Belgian Shepherd Dog (BSD)Not offeredNot offered
    TerrierNina SherrerSue Phillips
    Companion DogMichelle Blackowl-ChavezNina Sherrer
    Junior ShowmanshipLew OlsonMichelle Blackowl-Chavez
    ObedienceNot offeredNot offered
    Rally ObedienceMary KingNot offered
    Terrier RacingJohn NelsonNot offered
    Weight PullDina Davis

    Note: Entry Limits For Saturday OBED and RO as follows: Obedience 30/Rally 60 Vehicle for Weight Pull: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - Rails
    Total Dog: Offered all three days.


    1. Building will be open to exhibitors at 7:30 a.m. Overnight security is not provided and no dog(s) may be left in the building overnight.

    2. All times are Eastern Time.

    3. There will be absolutely NO SMOKING in all buildings and designated areas.

    4. No general admission or parking fees.



    1. Dogs must be permanently registered with UKC, have a Temporary Listing (TL) number, or have a Limited Privilege (LP) listing number by the closing date
    and time in order to enter. No exceptions will be made. Entries for ineligible dogs will be returned.

    2. A non-entered dog may not be substituted for an entered dog.


    PRE-ENTRY & PE SPECIALS. Pre-Entries may be sent in advance online and are available at www.ukcdogs.com or may be mailed.
    Mail pre-entries with fees (make checks payable to UKC) to: Classic Entries PO Box 39 Portage MI 49081-0039
    Fax Pre Entries to: (269) 349-5590

    All Pre-Entries must be submitted online, faxed, mailed or hand delivered AND received at UKC by March 18, 2013 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time. NO Entries will be accepted or processed by UKC after that time. Entries received after the Pre-Entry deadline date will be sent to the host club and will be charged Day-of-Show fees. NO EXCEPTIONS.


    $20; Weekend PE Special $90 same dog all 5 shows
    Day of Show: $25

    $20, Weekend Special $55 - 1 entry per trial/same dog
    Day of Show: $25

    Day of Show: $25

    $15 - 1st race each day, $10 - 2nd race/same dog/same day
    Day of Show: $25 – 1st race each day, $20 – 2nd race/same dog/same day

    $20 per entry
    Day of Show: $25

    $10 (Pee Wee / Sub Jr. $5) Pre-Entry and Day of Show

    Day of Show Entry Times: Friday 3:30-4:30 p.m.; Saturday 7:30-8:15 a.m.; Sunday 7:30-8:15 a.m.

    Day of Show Entry Times: Friday 12:30-1:30 p.m.; Saturday 7:30-8:15 a.m.; Sunday 7:30-8:15 a.m.

    Day of Show Entry and Weigh in Times: Friday 11:30-12:30 p.m.; Saturday 7:30-8:15 a.m.; Sunday 7:30-8:15 a.m.

    Friday: Starting with Junior Showmanship: 5:30 p.m.
    Saturday: S1 starting with Junior Showmanship: 9 a.m., Show 2 to follow Show 1 or at the discretion of the event committee.
    Sunday: S1 starting with Junior Showmanship: 9 a.m., Show 2 to follow Show 1 or at the discretion of the event committee

    Saturday: 9 a.m.

    Friday: 2:30 p.m.; Saturday: after Obedience, not before 10:30 a.m.; Sunday: 9 a.m.

    Friday: 2:30 p.m.; Saturday: TR 1 - not before 10 a.m., TR 2 to follow TR 1 or at event committee’s discretion; Sunday: not before 10 a.m.

    Friday: 1 p.m.; Saturday: 9 a.m.; Sunday: 9 a.m.


    1. Entries must be entered online at www.ukcdogs.com or submitted on an official UKC Entry Form (http://res.ukcdogs.com/pdf/fo1fbl.pdf). Downloaded
    copies or photocopies of this form may be used.

    2. Pre-Entries may be entered online, mailed or hand-delivered to UKC.

    3. Mailed Entries must include fees. Mailed entries received without fees will not be accepted.

    4. E-mailed entries will not be accepted. On-Line entries may be sent to UKC. Pre-Entries must be received by the closing date and time. NO EXCEPTIONS.


    1. Pre-Entry Payment may be made by cash (do not send cash via mail), check, money order, MasterCard or Visa.

    2. Day of Show Entry Payment must be made by cash, check, or money order.

    3. No entry will be accepted without payment.

    4. All fees must be in U.S. funds and made payable to UKC for Pre-Entries and AHTA for Day of Show entries.

    5. Post-dated checks, returned checks and declined credit cards do not constitute valid entry fees. UKC and/or AHTA will add a collection fee of $35 to the
    amount of each returned check or money order. Exhibitors who repeatedly submit invalid entry fees may be put on a CASH ONLY basis.


    1. No refund of entry fees will be made for entries cancelled after the Pre-Entry deadline, except in the cases of bitches that come into season and are
    entered in Obedience, Rally, Weight Pull, or Terrier Race events. In those cases, refunds may be obtained by providing AHTA (Event Secretary) with a veterinarian’s certificate verifying that the bitch came into season after the closing date. The certificate may be mailed, provided the postmark is no later than the date prior to the day of the pull, or delivered by hand to the Event Secretary before the start of the pulls.

    2. Entry fees shall not be refunded in the event that a dog is absent, disqualified, excused by Veterinarian or Judge, or barred from competition by action of Event Committee.

    3. If, because of riots, civil disturbances, or other acts beyond the control of the host organization it is impossible to open or to complete a show or trial, no
    refund of entry fee will be made.

    4. Every effort will be made to find all duplicate entries before processing. If a duplicate entry is processed, however, no refund will be made.

    5. If, in the opinion of the host club, the well being of dogs, exhibitors or spectators is at risk due to extreme weather conditions, such as, but not limited to
    snow storms, hurricanes, lightning, or extreme heat, the host club may cancel or stop a show or trial before completion. No refunds will be made in such cases.

    6. No refunds of entry fees will be made for any entry including on-line entries that are subsequently invalidated by UKC.

    7. No refund of entries will be made for entries, including on-line entries that are submitted with errors or incorrect information such as but not limited to:
    a) Dog / owner information.
    b) Entering dog into wrong event / class.
    c) Entering dog into an event for which it is not eligible.
    d) Entering dog(s) into an event that they were not intended to be entered in.


    1. Written confirmation of entries will be made by mail as soon as practicable after receipt of Pre-Entries. If you do not receive your confirmation by the
    Saturday preceding these events, please notify Event Secretary.

    2. Receipt of entries will be acknowledged within 3 business days by return e-mail but this does not constitute confirmation of the entry.


    1. Owners are responsible for the accuracy of information in the entry forms, regardless of who may make such errors. Owners and exhibitors are responsible
    for correcting any errors in their entry.

    2. Dogs that, according to their owners’ records, have completed the requirements for a title after the closing of entries, may be transferred from the entered
    class to another class for which the dog is now eligible, provided that a request for transfer is made in writing to the Event Secretary not later than one-half hour prior to the start of any regular judging at the show or in the case of two shows being held on the same day, a dog that finishes the requirements for a title in show 1, may move up to the next level for show 2 provided that the request to move up has been made in writing and submitted prior to the start of the judging for that breed.

    3. All other corrections to entries must be made in writing to the Event Secretary not later than one-half hour prior to the start of any regular judging at the show.

    4. No substitutions of dogs will be allowed without prior approval of the Event Secretary.

    One armband will be assigned to each entered dog for all shows and trials in which the dog is entered for the weekend. Duplicate armbands will be available at the Event Secretary’s table on the morning of the event if you do not receive your armband by mail.


    1. Exhibitors are responsible for being available for judging at the scheduled time.

    2. Every possible effort will be made to accommodate exhibitors who have dogs entered in multiple events, but judges are not required to wait for dogs.
    Exhibitors are advised to pick up their armbands as early as possible and to notify stewards in all rings affected by the conflict so that judges may more easily work around any conflicts.

    3. Conformation takes priority over performance events.

    4. If an exhibitor misses their scheduled judging time (for a performance event and that class has not been completed), the judge has the discretion to allow
    that exhibitor to run at the end of the class or mark the exhibitor absent.

    LICENSED CONFORMATION & JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP CLASSES. See entry form instructions (#1A, #1B and #1C) for licensed classes offered at these events.

    Junior Showmanship

    Junior Showmanship shall consist of the following classes:

    1. Pee-Wee. 2 years and under 4 years of age.

    2. Sub-Junior. 4 years and under 8 years of age.

    3. Junior Classes. 8 years and under 13 years of age.

    a. Novice Junior. This class is for any Junior member who has never earned a Best Junior Handler award or who has not earned three first place wins from
    the Novice Junior class.

    b. Open Junior. This class is for any Junior member who has earned a Best Junior Handler award (over an Open Junior or Open Senior) from the Novice
    Junior class or who has earned three first place wins from the Novice Junior class.

    4. Senior Classes. 13 years of age and under 19 years of age.

    a. Novice Senior. This class is for any Senior member who has never earned a Best Junior Handler award or who has not earned three first place wins from
    the Novice Junior or Novice Senior class.

    b. Open Senior. This class is for any Senior member who has earned a Best Junior Handler award (over an Open Junior or Open Senior) from the Junior
    class or Novice Senior Class, or who has earned three first place wins from the Novice Senior class. Best Junior Handler: Best Junior Handler class shall consist of the first place winner from the Novice Junior class, the Open Junior Class, the Novice Senior Class and the Open Senior Class.

    1. Males judged before Females.

    2. Points are awarded to the winners of the following classes offered for UKC-recognized breeds that are eligible for conformation: Puppy, Junior,
    Intermediate (Senior), Adult, and Breeder/Handler, Best Male of Variety, Best Male, Best Female of Variety, Best Female, and Best of Winners.

    NON-LICENSED CLASSES. The following non-licensed classes are offered at these events. When non-licensed classes are offered, they must be run in
    accordance with the procedures outlined in the current Official UKC Rules and Regulations.

    1. Group Competition: The following Groups will be offered for Regular and Altered licensed classes: Guardian, Scenthound, Sighthound & Pariah Dog, Gun
    Dog, Northern Breed, Herding Dog, Terrier, and Companion Dog. Each Group shall include the Best of Breed winners from those breeds assigned to that specific Group in the Official UKC Rules and Regulations.

    2. Best In Multi-Breed Show: A Best in Multi-Breed Show class will be offered, consisting of the 8 winners of the Group classes (Regular and Altered).

    3. Reserve Best In Multi-Breed Show: After selecting the Best In Multi-Breed Show winner, the judge or judges panel shall select from the remaining dogs
    in the class a Reserve Best In Multi-Breed Show winner (Regular and Altered).

    4. Total Dog Award. (Offered Friday March 29, Saturday March 30, Sunday March 31)

    To be eligible for a “Total Dog” award a dog must:

    a. On March 29, or March 30, or March 31, 2012, compete in the regular licensed conformation classes with competition and win one of the following classes:
    Best Male/Female of Variety, Best Male/Female, Best of Winners, Champion, Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Group 1 through 4 (providing the group
    placement has competition, Best In Multi-Breed Show or Reserve Best In Multi-Breed Show, and

    b. On the same day, earn a qualifying score in a performance event. Dogs who meet the above requirements will receive a special “Total Dog” award.

    Blackowl-Chavez, Michelle #6895, PO Box 451, Pala CA 92059
    Davis, Dina M. #6867, 804 Bulls Gap St Clair Rd, Bulls Gap TN 37711
    King, Mary E., #6507, 3702 E. One Mile Rd, White Cloud MI 49349
    Nelson, John #7054, 15815 Township Glen Ln, Cypress TX 77433
    Olson, Lew #6934, 16005 Pine Creek Way, Magnolia TX 77355
    Perdue, Pamela #2918, 10433 Flat Branch Dr, Richmond VA 23233
    Phillips, Sue #6532, 210 E Walnut, N Baltimore OH 45872
    Sherrer, Nina Marie #2824, PO Box 7476, Loveland CO 80537-0476

    Hickory Animal Hospital, 1205 Old Lenoir Road, Hickory NC, 828-327-3353
    After Hours Emergency Veterinary Clinic: 126 Hwy. 321 SW, Hickory NC, 828-328-2660


    Hickory Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, 1960-A 13th Ave Drive SE, Hickory NC 28602; (828) 322-1335 or (800) 509-2444,

    E-mail: info@hickorymetro.com; From East: I-40 exit 126, turn left at light. Stay in right lane. Second light turn right onto Hwy 70. Stay in left lane. Turn left at next light. Show site on right.


    Please note some information could change. Prices are “average”

    Comfort Suites, 1125 13th Ave Dr SE, Hickory NC 28602; 828-323-1211; 828-322-4395 (fax); Pets: NO; Price: $71; Distance to show: .05 miles

    Courtyard By Marriott, 1946 13th Ave Dr SE, Hickory NC 28602; 828-267-2100; 828-267-2450 (fax); Pets: NO; Price: 95; Distance to show: across parking lot

    Days Inn, 1710 Fairgrove Church Road, Hickory NC 28613; 828-465-2378; 828-465-6488 (fax); Pets: Yes $10 per pet per night; Price: $60; Distance to show: 1 mile

    Deluxe Inn, 325 Hwy 70 W, Hickory NC 28602; 828-328-2111; 828-328-2111 (fax); Pets: Yes $ 5 per pet; Price: $35; Distance to Show: .05 mile

    Fairfield Inn, 1950 13th Ave Dr SE, Hickory NC 28602; 828-431-3000; 828-431-4714 (fax); Pets: NO; Price: $69; Distance to show: next door

    Hampton Inn, 1520 13th Ave Dr SE, Hickory NC 28602; 828-323-1150; 828-324-8979 (fax); Pets: NO; Price: $65-75; Distance to show: Walking distance

    Budget Inn Express, 484 Hwy 70 SW, Hickory NC 28602; 828-322-1740; 828-322-6824 (fax); Pets: Yes $5 per pet; Price: $30; Distance to show: under 4 miles

    Holiday Inn Express, 2250 Hwy 70 SE, Hickory NC 28602; 828-328-2081; 828-328-2085 (fax); Pets: NO; Price: $72; Distance to show: 1 mile

    Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, 104 10th St NW, Conover NC 28613; 800-710-9110; 828-465-7070; 828-465-7090 (fax); Pets: YES (5 rooms available
    for pets) $50 pet fee non-refundable; Price: $69-74; Distance to show: 5 miles

    Holiday Inn Select, 1385 Lenoir-Rhyne Blvd SE, Hickory NC 28602; 828-323-1000;828-322-4275 (fax); Pets: NO; Price: $79; Distance to show: .05 miles

    Howard Johnson Inn (name change to Regency), 483 Hwy 70 SW, Hickory NC 28602; 828-322-1600; 828-327-2041 (fax); Pets: YES $50 non-refundable;
    Price: $40; Distance to show: 5-10 minutes

    Jameson Inn, 1120 13th Ave Dr SE, Hickory NC 28602; 828-304-0410; 828-304-0411 (fax); Pets: YES $10 pet fee per night; Price: $68; Distance to show: .05 miles

    Park Inn Gateway Conference Center, 909 Hwy 70 SW, Hickory NC 28602; 828-328-5101; 800-789-0686 (sales/res.); 828-328-8943 (fax); Pets: YES $50
    fee, $200 deposit; Price: $79; Distance to show: 3.5 miles

    Quality Inn & Suites, 1725 13th Ave Dr NW, Hickory NC 28601; 828-431-2100; 828-431-2109 (fax); Pets: YES $25 non-refundable; Price: $69-109; Distance to show: 7 miles

    Ramada Inn, 1607 Fairgrove Church Rd, Conover NC 28613; 828-465-1100; 828-465-3090 (fax); Pets: YES $25 non-refundable; Price: $59; Distance to show: 1 exit

    Red Roof Inn, 1184 Lenoir-Rhyne Blvd, Hickory NC 28602; 828-323-1500; 828-323-1509 (fax); Pets: YES no fee; Price: $48-57; Distance to show: .05 miles

    Royal Inn, 30 Hwy 70 W, Hickory NC 28602; 828-322-4311; (828) 485-1015 (fax); Pets: Yes $10 per pet; Price: $35; Distance to show: 1 mile

    Sleep Inn, 1179 13th Ave Dr SE, Hickory NC 28602; 828-323-1140; 828-324-6203 (fax); Pets: NO; Price: $66; Distance to show: 5-10 minutes

    Super 8, 312 N Oxford St, Claremont NC 28610; 828-459-7777, 828-459-2037 (fax); Pets: YES, $12; Price: $44; Distance to show: 9 miles

    Trott House Inn Bed & Breakfast, 802 N Main Ave, Newton NC 28658; 877-435-7994, 828-465-0404; 828-465-5753 (fax); Price: $95-155;Distance to show: 10 minutes

    Self-contained “Dry Camping” is available in rear parking lot of HMCC.
    Other camping:
    Indian Springs Campground. 4361 Whitener Dr, Hickory 828-397-5700
    Lake Hickory RV Resort, 6641 Monford Dr, Conover 828-256-4303


    Contact Melissa Kidd; mabkidd@triad.rr.com


    Photographer will be available.


    There are to be no Xpens in the building, and Crates must be stacked (limited space). Dogs may not be left in soft sided crates unattended (soft sided crates
    discouraged) or in crates that are open or unzippered. There will be no saving of floor/grooming/crating space. Large floor mats will not be allowed. All exhibitors are expected to abide by the UKC Rules and Regulations and to cooperate with convention center staff, stewards and club members of the host clubs.

    1. All events are held under the Rules and Regulations of the United Kennel Club, Inc. By entering this show/trial, exhibitors acknowledge that they are
    familiar with the rules and regulations of this sport.

    2. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be allowed on the grounds or in the buildings on the day of a UKC Licensed event.

    3. It is expressly understood that exhibitors alone are responsible for the behavior of their dogs and/or children. Any exhibitor whose dogs and/or children
    create unnecessary disturbances or repeatedly engage in unsafe or disruptive behavior may, at the discretion of the Event Committee, be asked to leave the show site. In that case, no refund of any fees paid will be made.

    4. UKC, AHTA, HMCC, their agents, and their employees assume no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury sustained by spectators or by exhibitors, or
    to any of their dogs or property, and further assume no responsibility for injury to children not under the control of their parents or guardians. UKC, AHTA, HMCC are not responsible for loss, accidents or theft.

    5. Dogs may arrive any time prior to their scheduled time of judging. Dogs not required for further judging will be excused.

    6. The “No Smoking” rule will be strictly enforced in all buildings and areas so designated.

    7. Exhibitors and dog owners are expected and required to clean up after their own dogs. Any person witnessing a violation of this rule must report it to the
    Event Committee. The Event Committee may ask any person violating this rule to leave the event grounds. No refund will be made if an exhibitor is asked to leave the grounds.

    8. UKC will vigorously support any motel that files a complaint about exhibitors who fail to keep their dogs quiet or to clean up after them. In order that the bad
    conduct of a few exhibitors does not spoil it for the majority of responsible exhibitors, UKC will take strong disciplinary action against any offenders.

    9. UKC encourages exhibitors to present their dogs with the least amount of grooming necessary to enable a Judge to properly compare each dog with the
    standard of its breed. Dogs should be clean, with nails cut to a length suitable for the dog to perform the work for which it was bred, and with clean teeth. The Judge’s determination that this rule has been violated shall be final. UKC enforces rules against artificially altering pigment and coat color, coat texture, and surgical alterations as outlined in the UKC Rules and Regulations.

    10. Dogs may not be left unattended when crated in soft mesh crates. No dog may be left in an unlatched or unzippered crate.

    11. Except when being judged or when crated, dogs must be kept on leash.