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Great weekend in Maine!

At the UDSNNE Show in Scarborough, Maine, Annaka and her dog Abbey came home with...
- Best Junior over an open Junior moving her into open.
- 4 Group 1sts
- 3 Best in Shows
- A new Champion
-2 Total Junior Awards

Annaka also was asked to handle
- A Jack Russell to Best of Breed
- An Alaskan Malamute for 2 Weight pull Q's

Great way to finish off her first year in UKC.
(Posted 11/23/15)

UCD URO2 FO Ravenwood A Little Is Enough "Townshend" earning his first UCDX leg at SLODOG trial on September 27th after finishing his UCD in the AM trial. Townshend hadn't worked in an open obedience ring since 2013. He's quite proud he remembered his exercises!

UCD URO2 Fo Ravenwood A Little Is Enough
Labrador Retriever
Jennifer Bailey
(Posted 11/23/15)

CH Marcato's Shame on the Moon "London" owned by Kelly Drake and bred by Jacqueline Short-Nguyen recently won Best of Breed out of 16 German Shepherds and went on to earn a Herding Group I placement at Carnation City Kennel Club under judge William Chrzanowski on 09/05/2015. London is 14 months old.

Photo Credit: Kathy Garcia Photography

CH Marcato's Shame On The Moon
German Shepherd Dog
Kelly Drake
(Posted 11/23/15)

“HC's Kachina Dancer at HHR achieved his Champion status at the Twin Peaks Kennel Club Show in Longmont, CO, under Judge Kathryn Kudron.

Hobbs is owned by Sherry L Shivley, Hobby Horse Ranch Boxers of Wray, Colorado. His sire is R and G's Mystical Dancer aka "Danny" and his Dam is the late R and G's Dash Of Class aka "Callie". He is currently ranked in Top Ten for Boxers. They are looking forward to their next shows in Castle Rock, CO. Sherry would like to Thank the Judges for placing Hobbs and allowing him to achieve his Championship, Hobbs says WOOF!! Which means see you in November for scratches and cookies!”

Photo Credit: Randy and Kindra Soloman

CH HC's Kachina Dancer At HHR
Sherry Shivley
(Posted 9/22/15)

“Recently at the June American Eskimo Dog Club shows in Westfield, MA (June 20-21, 2015) our two Juniors did very well both in their Juniors classes as well as their conformation classes.

Photo Credit: Smiling Wolf Photography

CH RedMaple Grampian Monkey Bizness (Call name Baby Monkey)
French Bulldog
Julianna Anderson - owned by Robin Anderson

URO1 CH Grampian Ethel Mermaid (Call name Guppy the Puppy)
Labrador Retriever
Annaka Miller - owned by Robin Anderson, Gerrie Owren
(Posted 9/21/15)

“American Pit Bull Terrier, “Benny,” was a "Total Dog" qualifier at the 2015 UKC Premier. At 12.5 years old, he won the Altered Champion class in conformation, earned qualifying legs in Nose Work, Barn Hunt, and Weight Pull, earned his RATN title, earned his Pre-Trial Supreme title in Nose Work, and earned first place in Advanced NW Vehicles search and first place in RATN. He was one tired boy by the end of 4 long days of trialing! But we definitely hope to make it back to Kalamazoo next year!"

RATN UCD PTS NN UAGI UWPO UWPCHX URO3 CH 'PR' Gideon Strand's Benjamin - Super Dog #106
American Pit Bull Terrier
Dalana Bewley
(Posted 8/18/15)

“These are the first two Miniature American Shepherd Champions. The photo was taken 1/25/2015 at the UKC show in Belton, Texas. Our breed was accepted into UKC 1/1/2015."

Photo Credit: Malinda Julien Photography

CH Love That Sound Of Music (Left)
Miniature American Shepherd
Jeanie McAdams

CH LoveThatAmerican Red White & Blue (Right, Father of CH Love That Sound of Music)
Miniature American Shepherd
Jeanie McAdams
(Posted 5/29/15)

"My brag is for my Gigi, she is a Belgian Shepherd Dog and will be seven years old at the end of May 2015.
She recently earned her UACHX at the Autumn Winds Dog Training and Agility Center in New Hill NC under judge Kim Smith.

I took this photo of Gigi with the two blue ribbons she earned at the trials. She is wearing the very nice title medallion given for new titles by the Autumn Winds club."

UACHX Rolin Ridge's Glamour Girl
Belgian Shepherd Dog
Linda McCarty & Carol Denny
(Posted 4/20/15)

"At 12 years old, Benny just earned his United Weight Pull Champion Excellent
(UWPCHX) title with his final 10-point pull at the LoneStar K9 Performance Club’s Ft. Worth, TX, trials held March 7-8, 2015. This American Pit Bull Terrier is now officially retired from the sport, though still very active in UKC agility, nose work, obedience, rally and barn hunt. UKC’s weight pull event was officiated by Judge Mike Hansen, shown here."

Photo Credit: Melissa Sheehan, True Colors Photography

UCD PTA NN UAGI UWPO UWPCHX URO3 CH 'PR' Gideon Strand's Benjamin
American Pit Bull Terrier
Dalana Bewley
(Posted 4/20/15)

"I would like to "brag" about my 11 month old Whippet "Ginny" Karasar's Reemergence's very first UKC show weekend. "Ginny" was awarded a BIS by Judge Tammy DeWitt and a Group 1 by Judge Nina Sherrer at the High Plains Kennel Club in Castle Rock, Colorado on Saturday, November 15, 2014, Show 2. "Ginny" finished her UKC Championship on Sunday, November 16, 2014.

We would especially like to thank High Plains and all the judges for an exceptional fun and learning weekend experience."

Photo Credit: Randy and Kindra Solomon

CH Karasar's Reemergence
Michelle Evans
(Posted 12/23/14)

"Total newbies to UKC here- we thought we would see what happened with our Shih Tzu. Had the grandkids entered in juniors, and Pien Ji's Merlot entered in conformation. Merlot went in the ring 18 times over the weekend- Kaz won her Novice Junior class twice, and took a second and third , and Jack (the only Pre-Junior- entered in 2 shows only) won his class twice. Merlot was the only Shih Tzu entered- he took a Grp1, GP2, ended day 1 with a RBIMBS, Sunday took GP1, GP2, and his 18th time in the ring, walked out with Best in Multi Breed Show! That makes him BIMBS/RBIMBS CH Pien Ji's Merlot! A VERY special thank you to judges Larry Hansen and Eleanor Main"

Photo Credit: Tarianne Weaver

Photo Credit: Tarianne Weaver

Shih Tzu
Charlotte Byford
(Posted 8/12/14)

Our Whippet, GCH Sportingfield’s Bermuda Shorts, has had a successful 2014 season so far. Our boy has garnished 4 BIMBS and a reserve BIMBS to date (July 31, 2014). We would like to thank Judges Tina Camp and Emily Carabello for the back to back Best in Multi-Breed Show wins July 4th during hurricane Arthur weather. Even in the pouring rain, Rio showed his heart out. Luckily the rain finally stopped for his win photo with the judges.

Photo Credit: The Dog Sport Photographer

Janine A Britton
(Posted 8/12/14)

Jagger has been a dream. áHe recently won his third RBIMBS and his third BIMBS and is just now 2.5 years old. áThis boy is as sweet as they come and loves his time in the ring. áA huge thank you to all of the judges that have recognized this amazing young dog!

Photo Credit: Steve Loscheider

German Pinscher
Kristina Judisch
(Posted 8/12/14)

"Violet, She FLOATS around the ring!"

"Violet in the past month came home from the show with 1 Best of the Best, 2 BIMBS, 1 RBIMBS and 7 Group ones.

We would like to thank Mary Happel, June Pasko for awarding Violet her Best of the Best at the American Pit Bull Terrier Club of New England, it was a thrill for an Owner Breeder Handler! Thanks Barbie Trammel for BIMBS at the American Eskie Club of New England!

Violet is only 20 months old and just starting to come into herself! áShe is following in her Grandmother Denver's footsteps. Denver was a Multiple BIMBS winner. Violet is also our third generation group winning Deerhound! "

Scottish Deerhound
Shawnine & Anthony Cirincione
(Posted 8/5/14)

"Cowboy has been to two UKC clusters, the 2013 and 2014 Washington Classic. In 2013, he won BOB twice with two group placements, finishing the year as the #3 Mastiff in the UKC. In 2014, Cowboy earned his UKC Champion by winning BOB twice as well as a Group 1 and BIMBS in his final show."

Photo Credit: Memories By Tarianne

Tim Pearson
(Posted 8/5/14)

We had a great weekend at the 2014 Carolina Classic. Cobalt and I had six 1st place Rally Obedience placements in URO2 and URO3 with three High In Trials. He also pulled 3,412 pounds on rails (45x his body weight), for 20 weight pull points each of the three days. The one conformation show we entered on Saturday, he received a Group 4 placement.

Cobalt and I are currently training for Utility Obedience and for tracking, continue to work towards weight pull titles, have started competing in nose work, will compete in UKC Agility for the first time at the 2014 Premier, and hope to maintain our #1 position in URO2 and URO3 Rally All-Stars Ranking.

Photo Credit: Perfect Fotos, Gerry Chen

Golden Retriever
Brian Huss
(Posted 5/1/14)

I knew he was something special for a long time now, in UKC he finished to his Grand Champion title with ease. My 1st love though is performance, be it obedience, agility, rally and even weight pull. What a thrill it was to have him show such potential in performance as well. He really proved a conformation dog can be a performance dog at the Bettendorf, IA show this past March 1, 2014, when he stepped into the breed ring against a number other beautiful Papillons. We had showed earlier in Rally and finished 1st in his class with a 99, and the point off could have been caused by me, so when he took BOB I knew we had earned a “ Total Dog “ award. His 1st of this year.

He ended up with a Group 1 in both shows so he went on to BIMBS. What a wonderful honor being awarded “Reserve Best in Multi Breed Show”, and in “Both“ shows that day…. It wasn’t over yet… after everything was figured out in the performance event, not only did we earn a “ Total Dog “, we earned ”High in Trial”….

It wasn’t until later that night at the hotel I realized it was my little leap year puppy’s 2nd birthday…. And I was the one who got all the presents…

Thank you so much Judge's Jeanne Heger and Heidi Halverson
Also Kathy Davidson for Rally

He ended up # 3 in 2013 Top Ten and # 4 in Rally RO1. We are on our way to a Super Dog distinction.


Cameo Photography

Carol Lauren-Schmidt
(Posted 3/20/14)

Rolo was imported to America from the great Kilcavan Hamiltonstovare in the UK in June of 2012. I knew that I was getting a great show dog. He hit the ground running once he started competing in UKC events earning multiple group wins and multiple RBIMS. I decided to try weight pulling on a whim. He has taken to it with such gusto and surpassed what I would have ever thought. He earned his three qualifying pulls and also went Total Dog each time.

Rolo is such a joy to live with and a true example of a great Hamiltonstovare. He exudes nobility and is all business in the show ring and when weight pulling. When he gets home, he is just a total goofy boy and lives life to the fullest. In just one year of showing, he is the #1 Hamiltonstovare in UKC rankings, has 7 group 1st's, 2 RBIMS wins, 3 Total Dogs, and earned 2 UKC titles. To those that have been around Rolo, they adore him and I constantly get praise for his wonderful personality. I even see this on twitter from time to time from his "fans" #GoTeamRolo".

Ashley Hammock
Goochland, VA
(Posted 1/17/14)

First Jagdterrier to earn UGRACH title!

We are proud and happy to announce a goal we once thought was unachievable. Rocky came to us as a 4 1/2 month old puppy, after being in two other homes that did not work out. We knew nothing about the Jagdterrier, so I did plenty of research and learned that they are mainly bred for hunting and have high energy and drive. He has also proven to us his loyalty and eagerness to please.

Our veterinarian who gave him to us recommended agility. That was 8 years ago, and I didn’t even know what agility was. (I thought it was teaching your dog to jump through hoops.) Rocky and I pursued the sport with gusto, soaking up all we could from trainers, publications, and “trial and error.” It has been great to help Rocky focus on a job and be tolerant of other dogs and people. He especially loves the tunnels and jumps, while contacts have been our nemesis. He has also enjoyed several years of Terrier Racing as the biggest dog on the course!

It has been a very fun (and sometimes frustrating) ride on the UKC circuit, and we often came home with more to work on! The atmosphere with UKC clubs is welcoming and upbeat, and we could not have done this without the encouragement and support of friends and fellow competitors. So to all of you who know and love Rocky from inside or outside his “force field”, Thank You for seeing this through with us!

Bay de Noc Kennel Club, October 26, 2013; Judge: William Quandt, Sr.

Lea Ann Elliott
East Jordan, MI
(Submitted 12/9/13)

Not only did my little 8 pound papillon earn a "Total Dog" at the All American Bulldog Clubs weight pull and conformation show Saturday, October 12, he won their "Triple Crown BIS". What an Honor to bestow on my 8 1/2 year old guy who went on to earn three 20-point pulls that weekend. He earned his UWPO Title as well. Thank you to the judges and the entire club. It was worth the drive.

Carol Lauren-Schmidt
(Submitted 11/14/13)

At the Garden State Kennel Club shows on July 5th and 6th our whippet Rio---Ch Sportingfields Bermuda Shorts was RBIS multi-breed show at show 1 under Michele Wachob, at show 2 he was BIS multi-breed show under Kimberly Himes and on Saturday at show 1 he was BIS multi-breed show under Antonio Raposo. This is our first whippet showing UKC and are very happy with his success so far. He is currently ranked (tied) #2 whippet as of August 27, 2013. He also achieved 2 other RBIS multi-breed wins at the Delmarva kennel club shows back in March 2013.

Janine Britton
(Submitted 8/27/13)

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