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Redmer, Sharon Ann #5995

Belgian Shepherd Dogs (Tervuren) since 1972

How long have you been a UKC judge?
Obedience - over 30 years; AKC Conformation - over 20 years; UKC Conformation - 10 years? An AKC judge of the Herding Group, Poodles, Dobermans, Rally & Juniors, I am an Honorary Life member of the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club and the Ann Arbor Kennel Club. I have served the American Belgian Tervuren Club as President and officiated at three AKC National Obedience Invitationals including the inaugural Juniors’ competition in 2011. I have judged Nationals for the 3 Belgian breeds (multiple times) and specialties on 4 continents. The sport of dogs has taken me around the world…I am very grateful. I have judged at UKC Premier and at Nationals for the United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association.

Breeding/Dog Involvement:
Belgian Shepherd Dogs (Tervuren) for over 35 years. My husband, Ed, and I have bred Tervuren for over 30 years under the “StarBright” kennel name. Breeding stock has been imported from France, England and Belgium to improve type. Thus, I have had the opportunity over many years to establish international relationships and attend specialty shows, etc. This has given me an appreciation for Belgian type around the world.

What Events do I participate in:
I have trained both obedience and tracking titled dogs, but my major accomplishments truly involve breeding Belgian Tervuren. Over 150 StarBright Tervuren earned UKC/AKC CHs & GR CHs, OTCHs, MACHs, HTCHs, and CTs in addition to many obedience, agility, herding and tracking degrees, Group & Specialty wins, High-in-Trials and perfect 200 obedience scores. I am in awe of the talented owners who have taken my puppies to the top in breed, companion & performance competition!

How did I become involved in Dogs:
I have been involved with the sport of dogs since 1970 when I began training my first dog - an All American shelter rescue - with the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club. My first Belgian Tervuren, acquired in 1972, earned a UDT with multi-High-in-Trials. Other tervs with titles followed but I freely admit, “All my friends are better trainers than I am!”

My biggest accomplishments are in bold and underlined and in the text above.