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Benjes, Rich #6684


How long have you been a UKC judge?
6 years

Are you a breeder / how long have you been breeding dogs?
I am not a breeder.

How long have you been involved with dogs? (Conformation/Performance)
I have had dogs most of my life. As an adult, I have had numerous hunting dogs (Brittany, German Shorthair). We have owned Airedales for about 17 years.

What events, if any, do you participate in other than the event type in which you are Judging?
Agility, Rally Obedience, Obedience; I have tried tracking, hunt tests, and dock jumping. My only involvement in Conformation has been as unpaid kennel help, hand stripper, and as a Conformation ring steward. I also Judge Kansas 4-H, and am a trainer for Kansas 4-H dog judges.

In 100 words or less, how did you become involved with dogs? Conformation/Performance events)
Bev and I lost our first Airedale to cancer, and quickly decided that we had to have another Airedale- and Bar-Cley II quickly overwhelmed our home- a true counter surfer, paper shredder, door scratcher, and mischief finder. I was watching agility, and wondered how one could teach a dog to do the weaves. Within a couple days, I had built a set of pvc weave poles, and began training. Without knowing what I was doing, Bar-Cley had the weaves figured out in a couple weeks. That meant it was time to take classes to train the dog to handle all the obstacles, and for me to learn that owning an Airedale is a continual experience in humility. Bar-Cley was the first Airedale to obtain a UGRACH. She also achieved her UGRACH2, and is now retired to be the “Queen of the House”. I am now humbling myself in agility with “Cade”, who survived Bev’s efforts in obtaining his conformation championships.

In 100 words or less, what do you feel is your biggest accomplishment with your dog(s)? (Conformation/Performance events)
Taking a possum from Cade, Bing and Bar-Cley, once they decided to quit fighting over it, and had decided to bring it to me (visualize three Airedales retrieving one possum!). Bar-Cley’s first UGRACH. Learning and perfecting hand stripping an Airedale for conformation events. Cade’s UACH (and if he ever gets his UGRACH!)